Installing wiring to BT master socket

  Newuser939 18:16 13 Feb 2015

I am having an extension built and would like to move my master socket into the extension. I realise that work on master sockets is reserved to BT. However, the sensible thing would be for the cable to be laid whilst the extension is being built so that it could be concealed in the cavity. Would it be permissible for my builder to lay the cable but leave all the connections for BT or do BT insist on laying the cable as well?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:18 13 Feb 2015

Not sure what you mean by laying a cable as the master socket is wired direct from the Pole in the street.

  alanrwood 19:35 13 Feb 2015

Just tell BT where you want the Master Socket to be located and they will wire it up there. You can ask your builder to lay a cable in from the Master socket to its current location and BT might wire it up for you at the same time otherwise it is very easy to do.

  lotvic 20:13 13 Feb 2015

Perhaps you could ask the builder to install that semi-flexible polyethylene(?) pipe so that BT can thread their cable through it. Sorry I don't know the correct name of it, but I've seen it sticking up out of half built houses LOL

  hssutton 20:26 13 Feb 2015

Plenty of info if you google

  robin_x 20:57 13 Feb 2015

There are lots of cans of worms in this simple job.

Although most wiring and building regulations and recommendations cover mains wiring, there are still pitfalls which a builder may be unaware of.

I have also seen some builders treat cables with the utmost disrespect or without any thought at all.

You need to chose your electrician at an early stage and they will advise builder on what they want to enable first fix.

They will also give you advice on the Master Socket.

While electricians strictly cannot touch BT wiring, some may do, or they will tell you what needs to be done to enable a telephone point in the extension (electricians wire secondary extensions up in new builds and extensions all the time).

For any work an electrician will do, they will (or should) choose the correct telephone cable. Not just any old cable, like your builder might do.

Unless your Master Socket must be moved, I would suggest trying to leave it where it is.

This link explains some of the issues.

click here down the line, after many years of happy use in your new extension/office/whatever.

You may run into Internet connection problems and have to phone your ISP.

One of their standard questions regards where the hub/router is plugged in.

The correct answer is always into the Master Socket, whether it is or not.

They get bolshie otherwise, even if the job is properly done and has been working for ages.

It's almost never a problem with the Master Socket/Hub connection.



  robin_x 20:59 13 Feb 2015



should be immediately after the 'click here' above

  bumpkin 21:09 13 Feb 2015

Just run a cable to your extension from close to the master socket. When extension is completed move the socket to wherever you want and then connect the incoming wires exactly as it was. No need for a BT engineer all you are doing is making the cable a bit longer.

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