installing windows xp on a vista laptop

  samborfc1 20:00 02 Mar 2009

I have a samsung r510 laptop that was pre installed with vista, but I want to go back to xp. I'm not really sure how to do this, as I can't just put the cd in and install it, the computer just loads up vista. Can anyone help me? Even if it means wiping vista completely I'm not bothered. Also this sounds like a stupid question but what do I do with the xp drivers? I went on the samsung website and downloaded them, but when I open them nothing happens. Thanks

  Diodorus Siculus 20:27 02 Mar 2009

When you start up the machine, do you see something like "press del to enter setup"?

If so, press the relevant key and you will get into a series of menus. Within one of them you will see an option for boot order - set it so that it will boot from CD.

As for drivers, be sure that XP drivers are available before removing Vista; if they exist they should be on the Samsung site.

Out of interest, what is your difficulty with Vista?

  gazzaho 22:48 02 Mar 2009

Be aware that on some laptops you may need a floppy drive in order to install SATA drivers if your laptop has a SATA hard drive. Windows XP does not have these drivers built in, and if you try to install onto a SATA hard drive the process could grind to a halt.

If your laptop has a SATA drive and you have a physical XP disk then you may be able to burn to DVD a "Slipstream" version of XP combining the SATA drivers for your lapyop with XP. I would recommend doing a little research before deleting Vista and installing XP from scratch, you could run into serious problems without SATA drivers and a floppy drive.

  samborfc1 22:42 03 Mar 2009

Thanks for the replies, when I put the xp disk in it loads the files, restarts then says there was a problem starting windows. I think this is because of the missing sata driver. I done some research and found a way to get the driver without a floppy drive, there is also cds on ebay with 100000 xp drivers do you think that will work?

If I get the sata driver onto the xp disk can I do a dual boot with vista or does it have to be a clean install?

To answer your question Diodorus I have a few difficulties with vista

1. 4gig brand new laptop with vista is slower than 1gig 10 year old desktop with xp!

2. I cant change any of my folder names ie pitures, music, There is guides showing you how to do it but its to much hassle!

3. Every time I open certain programs I get annoying popups asking for my permission.

  ashdav 23:28 03 Mar 2009

click here
You don't need separate SATA drivers for Samsung laptop
Done it myself with a R60plus triple booting Vista ultimate/XPsp3/Kubuntu.

  ashdav 23:37 03 Mar 2009

If you've tried to install XP then I doubt you can dual boot with Vista.
Best way is to install XP first then install Vista.
As Samsung laptops have a hidden partition that contains the Vista install files I would suggest that you wipe the hardrive completely including any hidden partitions (that's what I did).
This will violate any warranty you might have had.
Use click here to wipe the hardrive.

  pcrec 10:50 05 Mar 2009

we can install lower version to higher so follow this rule and install first "XP" thn vista.

it's policy of microsoft becouse new version of operating system have new feature and we can not decrease it's standard from that place.

  Zorgalite 01:46 07 Mar 2009

I had simmilar problem with a friends laptop trying to reinstall XP, the problem was the lack of the drivers for the sata hdd. If this is the problem, have a look at this click here
I had to slipstream the sata hdd drivers in to the xp instalation disc. Its actually not that difficult to do and it worked with no problem.

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