Installing Windows XP Professional

  alexgray104 10:42 25 Aug 2005

I had a computer with Windows 98 on it for my son. As windows 98 is now out of date I decided to upgrade to windows XP Professional. On the first attempt the installation process kept getting to the same stage and freezing, so I reformatted the HDD and put a fresh copy of 98 on. After that I tried to upgrade again, and the installation process finishes and the pc reboots, but then when it gets to the stage where the user names are supposed to be displayed the screen turns black. I also tried reformatting again, and then putting just WinXP on - nothing else, and the same thing happens. Any ideas????

  Funkey 11:13 25 Aug 2005

a) Whats the specification of your computer?
e.g. processor, motherboard model, amount of memory, graphics card (if separate to the motherboard).

b) Did you use the options in the WinXP setup program to reformat? or did you do it a different way?

c) If you DID use the WinXP setup to format the drive did you also complete remove and recreate the partition before reformatting?

d) If you have access to another hard drive, try installing the Harddrive into the machine and install XP Pro on that. That will tell you if the problem is hard drive related or not.

  alexgray104 12:54 25 Aug 2005

My computer has an 80gig HDD, 255mb of ram and did have the first edition of 98. I did remove and recreate the partition and it still didn't work. And no, fraid I haven't got another HDD to test it with. :(

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