Installing Windows XP Home

  stu1901 18:44 03 Jul 2003

Hi. I am about to install Windows XP home, but have a question.

Should i use the Upgrade function or fully install it?

What else do i need to know before i begin to install?

I am currently using Windows ME.

My computer has a 40 GB hard drive, 256MB memory and is 1400MHz.


  sil_ver 18:46 03 Jul 2003

I would suggest a new install from a reformatted disk.

  sil_ver 18:49 03 Jul 2003

Also make sure that your hard/software is compatible with XP. Use the compatability check first. Make sure you have the software to reinstall ME if it all ends in tears.

  -pops- 18:53 03 Jul 2003

Definitely a fresh install so that you don't get any rubbish remaining behind from the previous O/S.

XP will format the drive before it installs, no need to do a separate formatting.

Ensure you have all the XP drivers and software for any peripherals before you do the installation.

While XP installs, it will ask some you some questions about date/time/timezone and also about language. Answer these properly to avoid having strange time settings and an American keyboard.


  powerless 18:53 03 Jul 2003

Backup your 'wanna keep files' first before you do anything ;-)

  reddwarfcrew 19:09 03 Jul 2003

I put the CD in whilst in Win98 and chose the full install option as opposed to upgrade option, but soon did a proper full reinstall from scratch as too much rubbish was left behind.

Definitely do a proper full reinstall and delete and reformat your partition as well

  stu1901 19:14 03 Jul 2003

i don'y have the Win ME disk, so if something does go wrong i won't be able to backup.

Should i save all documents to a disk?

  george 19:30 03 Jul 2003

By installing 'PartitionMagic' you'd be able to instal an additional operating system and enjoy the best of both worlds, ME and XP. It works for me.

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