Installing Windows XP onto curent computer. HELP!!

  JUSZO 12:33 27 Apr 2003

Hi, I currently have a compaq presario with windows ME. It has a 30gig hard drive, partitioned as a C and D drive (25gig and 5 gig respectively). The hard drives are nearly full of stuff. I have bought a windows XP operating system and want to install that. I'm not bothered about it wiping old fact what I'd like to do is to wipe away all the rubbish I've collected on it over the years and start with nothing but the XP operating system and nothing else.
Can anybody out there please tell me what I need to do to install it, so it works with partition C and D. I'm a real novice so please help in language i can understand. Thanks in advance to all for reading this...

  spikeychris 12:44 27 Apr 2003

When you say you want it to work on both partitions, why would you want to do that?

If you set your BIOS to boot from CD you can choose where to put XP. You will have the options of partitioning the drive when you install.


  JUSZO 12:49 27 Apr 2003

Doh. Told you I was a novice, didn't I ? I just presumed thats what I'd need.

So can you tell me what to do.
I put in CD and restart computer do I?
I don't know how to get into BIOS, what should I do? And will doing it this way, delate everythiong that is currently on the windows ME, all software, all files etcetc?

  Zaxifone 12:57 27 Apr 2003

This link might help you a little...

click here

Good luck...


  spikeychris 13:05 27 Apr 2003

When your machine boots up is there any reference to "hit such and such a key to enter setup"? It could be the Del key or the Ctrl or the Esc key, it might be F2 as well. The best way (if theres no mention of it) is to hold the Ctrl Esc and Del key at the same time.

Once in the BIOS (this is the basic input operating system) you want to look for boot menu or options. You will notice that there is no mouse and you will have to use the home arrow and end arrow keys.

You will have to set the boot options to boot CD first (it will probably be the floppy now) "FDD".

To do this you will have to use the up and down arrow keys, when the HDD is highlighted (hard drive) you want to press the shift key and the + symbol on the keyboard, this Will lift the HDD to the top of the list.

Use the end arrow key and go to close, you will be given the option to save, you want to save and close.

Make sure your CD is in the drive first and when your machine boots up it will go to the installation of XP. Follow the prompts, any problems post back..

This will wipe (format) the drive of all data, so backup what you want to keep


  AndySD 13:06 27 Apr 2003
  JUSZO 13:23 27 Apr 2003

Thnaks for all your advice people...I'll try it and report back. Thanks.

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