Installing Windows ME OEM from Windows XP Pro

  Rickyc88 11:24 09 Jul 2004

Right, after installing Windows XP Pro on my elderly Gateway computer, i found that it struggled to run properly because it was so slow. I ve already formatted the hard-disk into NTFS format.

Is there a way i can install Windows ME OEM back onto the system? I have no idea how to do a clean install and whether the disk format will be turned back to FAT.

I would be grateful for any solutions you offer!

  ventanas 11:50 09 Jul 2004

Boot from the XP CD. Do not enter setup, instead press R to go to the Recovery Console. Select your XP installation (usually only one) press 1 and then press enter. Type your administrator password (as you have XP Pro). You will then be at C:\Windows>

Type format C: /fs:fat32 and press enter. Assuming C is the correct drive letter. There is a space after C:

  ventanas 11:52 09 Jul 2004

Sorry should have added. Reloading ME will not convert the drive back to fat32. You have to follow the above procedure first.

  Rickyc88 15:06 09 Jul 2004

i have two partitions. what do i do after i have formatted the c drive into FAT? will the OS still run? How do i do a clean istallation afterwards?

Sorry about the amount of questions but i really dont have a clue at the moment.

  ventanas 15:20 09 Jul 2004

Follow the procedure for both partitions if they are both ntfs. This file system will not work with ME. Do the drive that does not have Windows on it first.

After you have got the drives back to fat32 it should just be a matter of inserting your ME recovery disc, if this is what you have, restarting and following the onscreen instructions.

On the other hand is there a possiblity of upgrading the machine so that it can cope better with XP. You don't really want ME back do you?

  Rickyc88 15:30 09 Jul 2004

i ve got the windows OEM version that was brought seperately, i can t install it unless i have a clean hard drive and i have no idea how to do that. Can u tell me?

On the upgrade, the PC is quite old and i have a new one that i am using now and i dont think upgrading it would be quite economical.

Thanks for the help you are giving me.

  ventanas 16:17 09 Jul 2004

My first response above tells you how to format back to fat32. There is nothing else I can add. The procedure is quite straightforward. This will give you a clean partition and you can then load ME. Do you have all the necessary drivers, sound, video etc for ME? You will need them before you can proceed with anything. They will have to be installed after you have reloaded ME, Unless, like XP they come with Windows. I don't know.

To be honest I have never installed ME, but I assume it is not to different from '98. Just insert the CD, reboot and follow the instructions - after you have gone back to fat32.

  ventanas 16:30 09 Jul 2004

To try to make it a bit clearer. When you boot the machine with the XP disc in the drive you will see a message at the bottom of the screen which says "Press any key to boot from CD" hit the spacebar. Windows setup will appear on a blue screen. Allow this to run as you see files loading along the bottom of the screen. You will eventually see a Welcome to Setup screen. When you get here press R to enter the Recovery Console. From here you can type the commands as outlined above to format both your partitions back to fat32. To do this you MUST know your administrator password. You would have entered this when you installed XP Pro.

Hope this is a bit clearer.

  Rickyc88 17:56 11 Jul 2004

thanks for the info you have given me, but what happens after this? how do the partitions work out and how will i install WIN ME from here?


  ventanas 08:25 12 Jul 2004

Your partitions will remain as they are, but you must reformat both of them bacj to fat32 before attempting to reinstall ME.

After you have reformatted both drive just install ME in the usual way. I do believe I have already explained this.

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