Installing Windows 98 with two hard drives

  gplatt2000 18:55 26 Apr 2003

Hi. I will soon have two hard drives, the old one set as MASTER, the new one as SLAVE. I will be formatting the old HD to completely empty it. To make it simpler, can I install Windows 98 on the NEW SLAVE HD whilst running Windows on the OLD MASTER HD, then swap the jumpers etc round to boot from the NEW (and now MASTER) hard drive and format the OLD (now slave) HD? Thanks in advance, Gavin.

  Blitzer 19:05 26 Apr 2003

I have a similar set-up here ATM, two HD's in the one machine. Both have Win98 installed - second one used mainly for backup and/or trying out game demos and other software without fear of doing any harm to HD that is normally used.

To use the second HD and the copy of Windows on it I simply alter the BIOS so that it tries to boot from the slave drive first. That way there is no need to open up the case and change any jumpers or swap cables around. HTH.

  gplatt2000 19:40 26 Apr 2003

Thanks Blitzer, but I don't actually want to keep changing which HD I use. I just want to install Windows on the new one set as slave so that after formatting the old one I can go straight back to using the new one without having to use a boot disk etc. Sorry I wasnt very clear, and thanks again for your help.

  Tj_El 19:57 26 Apr 2003

If memory serves me right, when installing you are given the option of where you wish to install WINDOWS.

So on the current OLD HDD, load the CD, and when the autorun kicks in, choose install and select the destination drive as your SLAVE drive and continue from there.

Let us know how you get on.


  gplatt2000 21:42 26 Apr 2003

I have just reinstalled Windows on my current setup (one HD) and there was no option given for which drive to install windows on. Could this be because I have just one HD, so there isn't a choice anyway? Could anyone who has installed Windows on a two hard drive setup lease reply. Thanks again everyone, Gavin.

  mrdsgs 22:11 26 Apr 2003

disconnect the old hd with w98 on it temporarily.

connect the new hd to the same cable and set as master.

clean install w98 to new hd.

reconnect old hd as master and now set new hd as slave.

make sure bios knows to boot from old hd (this should be as bios is set now.)

you will need to ensure that the new hd is set as D: or E: etc assuming the old hd is c:

you can also set up your system to "dual boot" (you can choose which disk/operating system to boot from at startup)

a similar solution is possible by partitioning 1 hd and then your pc sees the hd as 2 separate drives.

"Partition Magic" is a good programme for all such issues.


  woodchip 22:19 26 Apr 2003

Win98 likes to be on C:\ drive but if you dual boot you should be able to work it. If you intend running XP then 98 should go on first

  gplatt2000 22:26 26 Apr 2003

Thanks again foryour replies everyone, but it all sounds a bit comlicated. All I want to do (I didnt actually say this in my first post - sorry) is to install win98 from its full CD onto my new HD (slave) whilst actually running windows on my old (master) drive. This is so I can avoid having to install windows from DOS using a boot disk etc etc. I will then format mmy old hard disk and set i as slave with the new one as master - I dont actually want to be able to use Windows on either drive, just the new one. Agin, thanks for all your help.

  hellred 22:35 26 Apr 2003

complete the setup on the first HDD then copy it to the 2nd HDD and you will then boot from c, thats the default location of the program W98. This way you will be able to swap at will any time as long as you remember to keep the 2nd drive up to date with the changes you made to the first drive.

  mrdsgs 22:37 26 Apr 2003

i think what you propose is impossible.

don't be afraid of dos boot disks they're not at all scary, and you could then use your new hd for w98.

don't forget to format/fdisk the new drive first.

It might be simpler to use a boot disk and then use the dos command "diskcopy" once you have got
both disks recognised and simply copy your existing disk in full to the new one before formatting the old one and changing jumpers.

  woodchip 22:43 26 Apr 2003

If you get Drive Image from PCworld you can Image your old Drive and copy it to your new one Programs and all

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