Installing Win98se on new HDD

  dracsville 13:47 28 May 2007

I've just bought a new 80GB drive and formatted it to Fat32 in order to get Win98se installed on my computer. My present 'C' drive is NTFS. I've managed to boot with a Win98 startup disk and got as far as having Win98 preparing to install but only as far as message 'cannot install on NTFS 'C' drive'! Unfortunately, I'm not askedto choose a different location or given any choice to install elswhere. So does this mean that I must somehow change my old drive (with its 2 partitions D and E) to something else so that my new drive can become the 'C' drive..? If so how? And how disasterous might that be?

  James1947 14:27 28 May 2007

Boot from the Win98 floppy. Use Fdisk to create a primary partition on your new hard drive. Create any extended partitions and logical drives required, format all partitions and reboot. Your new hard drive should be recognized and available for installation. I still think it advisable to install Win 98 first, and then XP so I'm not 100 per cent sure what you are attempting will actually work. You may poosibly need a third party boot loader.

  dracsville 15:07 28 May 2007

Thanks James. But using Pargon Hard Disk Manager I already have new disk (disk 1) formatted as Primary Fat32 which I named as drive ‘I’. My problem is that I am not given the option to load Win98se into it because it is not the ‘C’ drive; I am not asked for a different install drive. And there are no switches on drive itself or elsewhere to change Master and Slave choice; everything is ‘auto’.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:56 28 May 2007

Physical fit the new HDD in place of the other and set the jumper to MAster (picture on sticker on new drive.

You should then beable to load win98 to the new drive.

Unfortunately if you what to dual boot win 98 with XP then the C: drive needs to be FAT32 so that some files to boot 98 that are loaded in the root of C: can be ssen by 98.

  woodchip 19:02 28 May 2007

It's hard to do it on a XP computer as Win98se insists on it being installed on C:\ Best way is to Disconnect the Plugs on the XP computer Fit the new drive Check jumpers on both drives as one as to be Master and the other Slave if they are EIDE drives. load windows on that drive then you can fit the XP drive plugs back on. Try starting comp. if you can get into one of the Operating Systems you then need to download a Free Dual boot program so it can detect the drives and give you the option what to boot to when you start your computer

  dracsville 08:47 29 May 2007

Thanks guys but there doesn't appear to be any jumpers on my particular hard drives (both Western Digital model)and there's no mention of master and slave in boot screens either... Unless I'm missing something somewhere, that's my problem.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:07 29 May 2007

Are they SATA drives?

  dracsville 15:26 29 May 2007

Yes, Fruit Bat, Western Digital. In Bios setup, all are 'auto' as well with no option to change to anything else.

  dracsville 15:49 29 May 2007

How about I disable the C drive in Bios Setup to see if that works..?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:07 29 May 2007

There are no MAster and Slave on SATA drives.

The drive plugged into the Sata1 port on the motherboard will be C: drive (master).

Plug your new drive into the SATA 1 port (old drive in sata2 port and install Win98 to new drive. (WIN98 will not be able to see the NTFS drive with XP on it)

Then Boot from XP CD and tell it to do a install to your old drive wich will now be D: XP setup will find the old XP system and offer to do a repair.
Let it it will write some setup file o the new C: drive and then you should have a mutlichoice to boot from either 98 or XP.

  dracsville 16:27 29 May 2007

Thanks Fruit Bat...very promising! I'll let you know outcome p.m. tomorrow.

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