Installing Win98 on a Win95 HD without wiping HD

  gmm 23:37 17 Jan 2003
  gmm 23:37 17 Jan 2003

One PC has died and I need to install Win98 onto HD without wiping Win95. I keep getting the message that Windows has already been installed.
There was an article in PCAdvisor some years back but I can't locate this and the discussion search isn't helping. What files do I need to delete to allow Win98 to install?

  Altair 23:50 17 Jan 2003

You need a win 98 upgrade disk but the full prog should be alright.
Boot from your windows start up disk and load it with cd support then go to your cdrom with the win 98 cd in and type 'setup' without the quotes and it should load, make sure you have your win 95 cd as it will ask for it to verify. You can make a startup disk by going to add/remove progs and choosing 'startup disk' and it will prompt you to put in a floppy in your 'A' drive.

  gmm 00:02 18 Jan 2003

The disk I have is Win98 for installation on a new pc however since that pc was destroyed in a fire I don't see why I should have to fork out for another operating system when I still the licence for Win98

  BRYNIT 00:33 18 Jan 2003

If its a full version. Boot from a win95 boot disk with CD ROM support go to cd drive and type setup. Or you can create a win98 boot disk

The utility that creates the FAT32 EBD, FAT32EBD.EXE, can be run from MS-DOS or within Windows. It will prompt you to insert a 1.44 MB floppy disk in the A:\ drive and then prompt you to continue. FAT32EBD.EXE transfers the boot sector to the floppy to ensure there are no viruses. Next, the files for the disk are extracted from the WIN98*.CAB files and transferred to the floppy.

NOTE: If you use this utility in MS-DOS, you must load the Himem.sys file.


Access to the Windows 98 CD-ROM

Access to a 1.44 MB floppy drive on A:
1.44 MB floppy disk

Steps to create the FAT32 EBD using Windows 95 or Windows98

Click the Start button and select Windows Explorer from the Programs menu.

Select the CD-ROM drive containing the Windows 98 CD-ROM.

Select and double-click the \Tools folder to expand it. Expand the subdirectory, \MTSutil, and then its subdirectory, \FAT32EBD.

Double-click FAT32EBD.EXE and follow its prompts to create a FAT32 EBD.

Write-protect the diskette when it is finished creating the EBD to ensure a virus cannot write to the disk.

Restart the computer with the FAT32 EBD.

  Switcher 00:48 18 Jan 2003

Try renaming to fool your PC it worked for me in the past.

  doug 06:08 18 Jan 2003


  siarad 09:07 18 Jan 2003

Switcher is right, I've done it many times. Rename windows/ to win.moc. Set your BIOS to first boot from CDROM. After booting to CD type setup.

  PurplePenny 16:14 18 Jan 2003

The reason that it doesn't like Win95 being there is that it is an OEM CD so it is intended for use on a new HDD with no other operating system.

If the renaming ploy doesn't work there is an article about it that might offer other suggestions:

click here

by MS-MVP Ron Badour (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - a bunch of experts not employed by MS who help on the MS newsgroups).


  Switcher 02:22 20 Jan 2003

Funnily enough I ended up doing this again yesterday to upgrade daughter's PC from Win98 to Win98se.

Pc would not let me install win98se over win98 saying that a system was already in place etc.

I renamed to then used win98se start up disk to boot with cd support ran setup from dos prompt 30 min later win98se was established with all programs working all shortcuts and settings kept.

One problem Daughter now says PC is a little bit slower now and wants to go back to plain Win98.

This same hard disk has now progressed from Win95 to Win95osr2 to win95osr2.5 t0 win98 to win98se.

  gmm 01:27 08 Feb 2003

Thanks for all the advice I had to format the hard disk drive in the end.

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