installing win 95 again

  hector710 22:17 16 May 2009

i have an oldish ibm notepad 600e which i use every so often; i have two interchangeable hard drives for it, both using xp.
for various reasons i would like to reinstall win 95 on one of them, but cant see how to do it.
I can't install it over XP.
I see that I need to reformat the hard drive, but how can I do that?
The notepad has a cd drive but no floppy drive.
I think i need to get it to boot to dos, but how can i do that?

  phono 22:31 16 May 2009

You may be able to find a bootable CD image at this site click here

Download and burn the appropriate CD.

  woodchip 22:59 16 May 2009

You need to use KillDisk to remove the Partition Data as Format will not do it. click here then download the win98se Disc from click here Tenth File from top, it as CD Rom Drivers on it for most Drives. Put a Floppy in the Drive and double click the Download to create a Boot Floppy Disc, Start with Floppy and CD in Drives it will take you to A:\> after loading Drivers change this to the Drive with the CD in it, This will not be the Drive Letter that is used when Windows is Running If its normally D:\ it will be E:\ so at A:\> just type E: press enter then type Setup and press enter.

PS the BIOS needs to be set to boot from Floppy as first boot device followed by Hard Drive

  woodchip 23:01 16 May 2009

If no Floppy do you have a USB drive as the DOS boot disc can be put on a floppy, but the Bios needs to be set to boot from it

  phono 23:18 16 May 2009

hector710 does not have a floppy drive and as he says the laptop is "an oldish ibm notepad 600e" I would suspect that it will not boot from USB, I think the best bet would be a bootable CD.

  woodchip 23:23 16 May 2009

He may be able to load the Floppy boot files on that, But he cannot use the Drive unless drivers are first loaded for the CD drive. As its a old laptop it may not support booting from CD without drivers first loaded

He may also be able to use a USB floppy drive as I do on one of my Laptops

  phono 23:54 16 May 2009

"As its a old laptop it may not support booting from CD without drivers first loaded"

Good point.

What we need to know from you is, can this laptop boot from CD?

If you know how to enter the BIOS setup do so and see if there is an option to boot from CD, or any other device, for that matter.

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