Installing webcam

  karaokekid 20:17 20 Oct 2010

Hi guys and girls

I also have a acer aspire 5630 dual core intel laptop which does not have a built in webcam

So i looked around and found that i could get a replacement lid with webcam and front bezel to fit
my laptop

I took a chance on it and bought it from ebay only cost me £20 so i thought it worth a gamble
hoping to fit it onto mine

everything seems to fit
i removed my lid. the screen. top front faceplace above the keyboard the two sets of thin wire,s and the large clip on the back of the screen

very pleased with myself until i realised that the
two wires on the left from the back lid actualy went down out of site and i couldnt for the life of me find out how to get to them to realease them

So once again i had to admit defeat put the new replacement lid with webcam back in its box and painfully put mine back together again
thankfully only took about 15 mins but i was so
dissapointed that i could not complete the job

has anyone come across this problem
or has anyone else completed this operation

many thanks
karaoke kid

i have done severall computer repairs
think my best ever good one was one that my brother smashed up with temper

it was a toshibia dual core a beauty machine only 2 months old which he paid £600

nothing would work would,nt fire up at all so he threw it in the bin

So i took it out borrowed a hard drive from one of my other computers fired it up connecting it to my main system's monitor because the toshiba one was smashed to bits

once it fired up and went to the error code
it let me know that it was working

so i ordered a new hard drive and 17" screen
costing me around £125 for all the bits

a few hrs later i had a lovely expensive sweet sounding laptop

job well done

  dunc1234 21:07 20 Oct 2010

the wires will probably be the connections to the wireless card, they act as the ariel which runs around the perimiter of the screen, usually one is grey and one is white and they have tiny gold connecting sockets on the end.

else it would be the invertor but thats on a block connection

you will have to strip it right down to rethread it, have fun

  karaokekid 21:17 20 Oct 2010

Hi dunc1234

yes it is the grey and white wires with the gold sockets

and yea i guessed that i would have to strip it down i removed the keyboard to see if i could get to the ends silly me nought that easy

reckon i leave well alone
or buy one with webcam shame because i prefer my acer to the toshiba that i repaired which does have a webcam i dont like the keyboard on the toshiba

Thanks for your interest

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