installing a video card

  castiel333 19:50 25 Oct 2005

Hi Ive been told in an earlier posting that I nedd to install a video card as a couple of my sons new games wont run but apparantly I m going to have to mess about inside the computer to install it.Im really frightened to do this as I know absolutely nothing about computers.Could someone please tell me if it is simple to do as I dont want to either break my computer or spend a lot of money on a video card that I cant install.Would I be better off taking it to a shop and paying them to install it? I would be really grateful if anyone could advise me on this. Thank you.

  AndySD 20:27 25 Oct 2005

Its simple. click here will give you an idea.

Can you tell us the make/model of your current PC so we can help on what type to get.

  castiel333 19:32 26 Oct 2005

Thank you very much for your reply the make is q tech but Im not sure what the model no is and the graphics card thats come with it is called s3 graphics prosavage ddr and its xp home.Ive looked at your link and it does seem fairly easy though still very frightening but im determined to get this done for my son.Thanks again AndySD.

  alan227 23:48 27 Oct 2005

This is a very good walkthrough for changing your graphics card.
click here

  castiel333 23:22 29 Oct 2005

Thanks for your link alan227 that looks very helpful.

  De Marcus™ 23:44 29 Oct 2005


If you have another pc with which you can post to pca with (best time to do it is around teatime onwards 6-11pm) you'll very probably get talked through it, just ask questions as you go, and as i've found over time, the answers are almost instantly forthcoming.

  spuds 12:25 30 Oct 2005

Some nice video's about upgrading computers click here

  spuds 12:27 30 Oct 2005

Whoops sorry,it appears that another great site is no longer available.

  castiel333 23:11 31 Oct 2005

Hi sorry for the late reply I dont have another pc but as my mum only lives about five minutes away I can use hers to post. Thanks for that De Marcus and thank you too spuds.

  castiel333 23:52 31 Oct 2005

Hi would it be possible for someone to advise me on which card to buy as I understand from your reply AndySD that it has to be a certain type. I know I could ask in pc world but I would really prefer the advice of someone on this forum. Thank you.

  Splork 01:26 01 Nov 2005

You'd be best downloading this click here
which will give you a full rundown of the components in the PC - post the motherboard make and model here.
Give an idea of your budget, the games in question that are the reason for the upgrade and someone will be able to point you in the right direction.

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