Installing S/W Frm PC Advisor DVD Without Internet

  WightRob 13:38 18 Dec 2006

I am intertested in the 4 Paragon software packages on the Dec and Jan DVDs.
The problem is the PC I want to install them on is is located in the digs where I work and I have no internet connection (or even telephone) there.
Does anyone have any tips for installing the programs without a connection?

I have internet access at work but do not have a DVD drive here. In any case I would not be permitted to load an installation disk in the work machines.

  Stuartli 14:13 18 Dec 2006

If the software is already on the DVD disks why do you need an internet connection?

If I'm missing the point somewhere (it's certainly not unknown!), then perhaps a friend or relative with BB could download the packages and burn them to a CD-R?

  ventanas 14:45 18 Dec 2006

Installation notes state that an internet connection is required. My guess is that you have to register online at some time during the installation process. If this is correct then I think that finishes it. No connection - no install.

  WightRob 15:25 18 Dec 2006

I did try installing without a connection. It gets to a point where you have to fill in an access code. There is a link, which according to the magazine gives the code in response to a query (at least I think that what it said). There was no mention of registration although, of course that could also be an issue. If there are any Advisor staff looking in, perhaps you could clarify this.

  Totally-braindead 18:26 18 Dec 2006

Suggest you send an email to the CD Editor. His email should be on the contact page.

  WightRob 18:35 18 Dec 2006

Good idea. I will check when I get home.

  WightRob 06:42 19 Dec 2006

OK that was a lot easier than expected. I copied the address from the installation screen then cancelled the installation. From my terminal at work, I have just gone to that address and registered. Paragon have emailed me a key which hopefully will allow me to complete the installation when I get home.
Thanks for your sugestions.

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