installing sound card

  pookie 13:15 07 Oct 2005


windows xp home, 1.5gb ddr, 3ghz (2.17) barton, x800pro, a7n8x-x mobo and creative 4.1 speakers/sub and 550watt psu.

i've always used the onboard realtek ac97 sound. i have started to watch dvds on pc. thinking of getting creative audigy card (£40?). looking on web there are audigy cards with cables/without cables. other than speakers i won't be connecting any external audio devices to sound card so do i need 'cables'.

also, do i just:
uninstall realtek driver, boot up and disable audio codec in bios, install new card and then install new driver? or is that to simple for some reason?

thanks as always


  pookie 13:21 07 Oct 2005

for info looking at:
Creative SB Audigy 2 ZS (OEM) £42

  gudgulf 13:28 07 Oct 2005

I would do just that......Disable onboard sound in BIOS/remove old sound driver.

Switch off and fit new audio card,boot up and install the drivers for the new card.

I think I might just fit one of those SoundBlaster live 5.1 is getting a bit long in the tooth now and the "latest" drivers are almost 4 years old.

I've also heard good things about the latest Xfi range from creative...have you looked into one of those?

  pookie 13:33 07 Oct 2005


yes indeed - the xfi range get brillaint review (90%) in custom pc magazine (issue 026). but the one they like is £99 and I can't stretch that high - also my 4.1 speakers (£45) may not do a £99 card justice.



  gudgulf 13:58 07 Oct 2005

What tempts me to the Xfi range is not the audio quality but the very low system resource usage.For a gaming pc like mine the fact that you can use the full range of sound effects without taking a significant fps hit is worth having.

Of course it means you have to pay more :0{{

  citadel 19:51 07 Oct 2005

I have an audigy 2 zs and sound is excellent an all games.

  CurlyWhirly 21:47 07 Oct 2005

I also have an Audigy 2 ZS sound card and it rocks especially in games.

  pookie 13:52 14 Oct 2005

many thanks - i know this has, and will be, raised forever but did any of you notice a major fps improvement when going from onboard to audigy 2 zs?

  CurlyWhirly 14:50 14 Oct 2005

[quote]did any of you notice a major fps improvement when going from onboard to audigy 2 zs?[/quote]

I can't say I notice a difference in games but when I run 3d Mark 05 I get a couple of extra FPS in the benchmarks. Not really noticeable but having a dedicated sound card improves the sound quality no end so I would *never* go back to onboard sound again.

  pookie 19:53 14 Oct 2005

many thanks and have a good weekend


  gudgulf 20:07 14 Oct 2005

There is an excellent article at Tom's Hardware Guide on the effect of different soundcards/onboard sound on game here

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