Installing a second hard drive----HELP !!!!!

  Tugwilson 16:24 11 Apr 2006

I have been trying to install a secong hard drive but i am now at a loss,Heres the situation.on my motherboard i have a primarary and secondarary data cable connection.At present the primary is connected to my CD rom and hard drive.The CD rom is set to SLAVE with the HD set to CS.the connection for the CD rom is at the end of the cable.
On the secondary input there is only my CD Writer this has been set to master.

I have tried a combination of jumpers settings to allow me to install a secong hard drive as slave but it just doesnt want to work.I have put both CD.s on one cable and set them to SL & MA and the HDs on the other cable also set to SL & SL.But then the PC refused to boot up.I have tried many combinations and cable positions but it just wont have it.The bios is set to auto detect.

Can anybody give me some ideas?

  remind 16:27 11 Apr 2006

One master and one slave on each IDE cable.
Eg main HD and secondary HD on IDE1, main set to Master and second to slave. Both CD drives on IDE2, one set to Master, one slave.

  Tugwilson 16:29 11 Apr 2006

Sorry i said there that id set the HDs to SL & SL i meant MA & SL

  Tugwilson 16:32 11 Apr 2006

thanks Remind,Ive tried that and all i get is a high pitch scream from the PC when i try to boot

  remind 16:47 11 Apr 2006

Leave all the jumpers now, disconnect all the drives except your main one, switch on, listen, switch off, connect next drive - till you find the culprit. Its possible you may need to swap a CD onto IDE1. How old is the motherboard?

  Tugwilson 16:49 11 Apr 2006

its around 4 years old,How do i tell which is IDE 1 and IDE 2 ?

  alan227 17:01 11 Apr 2006

If you are using XP, go into device manager and right click on your hard or optical drive then click properties and in the box it will tell you whether it is the Primary or secondary IDE channel.
To get to device manager,click start/ right click My computer/click Properties/click Hardware/ click Device Manager.

  User-312386 17:09 11 Apr 2006

On the jumpers set both to CS(Cable Select)

The computer will then detect the operating system

  remind 17:10 11 Apr 2006

Many boards have tiny writing next to the connectors, IDE1 or IDE2, or just hook up one drive, switch on and go into bios, do Auto-detect drives or devices, it should show up. First two entries are IDE1, last two are IDE2. make sure you do the same step when all the drives are fitted and things seem to be working.

  Tugwilson 17:15 11 Apr 2006

are you saying to leave ALL the jumpers on both cables to CS?

  Tugwilson 17:24 11 Apr 2006

Ok heres what i get.IDE 1 with main HD (CS) and CD reader (SL) all OK

as above with CDW on IDE 2 (MA) all ok

as Above with 2nd HD (CS)and CDW(MA)IDE 2 machine will not boot

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