Installing a second hard drive

  chrisbenwalker 20:26 21 Feb 2007

I am rapidly running out of space on my internal hard drive, and want to look at installing a second hard drive, but keep my original hard drive aswell. I hear this can be done, and have looked on ebay for a good deal.

How easy is it for a novice? (the most experimental thing I have done is a reinstall of windows a few times, and a while ago I installed a USB2 card internally).

When buying, and if from Ebay, is there anything special I should be looking out for - IDE????? for example. I know as much as I need a 3.5inch drive, but theres talk of 'jumpers' and stuff....
I also read about seting the second one as a slave - is that right? And is it easy to do?

Ta for taking time to read and any helpful replies appreciated.


  chrisbenwalker 20:29 21 Feb 2007

I forgot to mention, I already have a 300GB External drive which I want to use purely for back ups, so I definitely want advice on an internal install.


  Quiller. 20:32 21 Feb 2007

I would advise looking at the retail price versus the ebay price before you decide.

Installing an internal drive is easy. You just have to make sure the motherboard will be able to see the hard drive. It's just a case of checking that you have a spare bay, power connector and a spare IDE connector. Checking the jumper settings on the drive and away you go. Post back if you want full instructions.

the alternative is an external hard drive. nearly as cheap as an internal one but portable. drawbacks are you need usb2.0 ports for it to run at a decent speed. Also an external hard drive will be slower than an internal drive.

  Quiller. 20:33 21 Feb 2007

forget about the external drive bit then;-)

  woodchip 20:38 21 Feb 2007

My suggestion is get one from PCW a 80Gb Samsung. If it goes wrong you can take it back without problems

  woodchip 20:47 21 Feb 2007

You also need to know what you can fit in the Comp. If the Motherboard takes ATA and Sata

  chrisbenwalker 21:02 21 Feb 2007

Thanks for your replies both.....I think I'll have a look at PC World to see what they have to offer. Also as you advised woodchip, I can return it without a problem if things go bad.

I know I have a spare bay, so I might just give it a whirl.

  woodchip 21:07 21 Feb 2007

Come back to this thread if you have problems with it. I Got a Samsung 80 from there a IDE. I think your comp may be a bit on the old side so don't think it will be SATA. So the above drive should fit

  chrisbenwalker 22:10 21 Feb 2007

Thanks Woodchip, I will do. The PC is about 4 years old so I guess it wont be SATA?
Will let you know if I have any problems.
Thanks again, Chris

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