Installing a second hard drive

  _clive_ 10:00 25 Mar 2005

Hi all!
I'm going to fit a second hard drive (seagate 120Gb) as my original drive is getting very full (80Gb). If I fit it as a slave will my pc just use it naturally when the first drive becomes full or do I need some software to make this happen?
Would it be better to istall it as 'cable select' rather than slave?
The new drive has software to transfer everything off the old to the new so I could remove the old one alltogether which is another option...any advice on what would be the most trouble-free option would be most welcome.

  Yoda Knight 10:07 25 Mar 2005

Your pc will not automatically start using the next disk (would be nice if it did though !).
What you need to do is manually transfer some of your files over.
I store all my music and videos on my second drive, and install games onto it instead of the deafult c:\program files\whatever.

Cable select / slave doesnt make much difference, although some drives wont work with some settings, so just give it a try and see which works. It wont damage it in any way

  Gongoozler 10:11 25 Mar 2005

Hi Clive. It is probably easiest and safest to fit the new drive as Slave. I don't know of any software that will automatically use the new drive when the old one is full, and I don't think it would be a good idea anyway. You don't say what the 80G drive is full up with, but if, for example, it is photos, then the best thing is to make the new drive the default for the application that is saving them. If your 80G drive is more than half full, you may be finding that it is getting slow, and defragmenting is becoming difficult, in which case moving the saved files to the new drive will make the computer run a lot better. Leave Windows and program software on the old drive, and just cut and paste the saved files.

  _clive_ 10:12 25 Mar 2005

thanks Yoda....if I install it as slave, is there a setting I can change so that any new downloads (music etc) will automatically go to the second drive?
If I move files to the second drive will the pc find them again or do I need to alter the file name each time (i.e. from C:\ to D:\ or whatever)?

  _clive_ 10:19 25 Mar 2005

thanks current disc (80Gb) has just 4.6 Gb free space left...its main storage is probably an even split between games for the kids, music files and photo files.
When you say leave the program files on the original disc i assume you simply mean the OS (Windows XPSP2) so it would be safe to copy any games programs onto the new drive?
If I copy files onto the new drive can I drag and drop drop them in windows and will this automatically free the space on the old drive?

  Yoda Knight 10:30 25 Mar 2005

games would have to be re-installed, as would anything in your "program files" directory.
To save downloads to your new drive, you would have to change the location manualy.

A lot depends on how you access things and where they are situated.

Drag and drop will auto free up the space, but do a defrag to arrange it for you

  Gongoozler 10:36 25 Mar 2005

_clive_, you can't move the program files to the new drive without reinstalling. It wouldn't help much anyway. If there is a setting in the program for the default saved file location, then change that to the new drive. Many programs just remember the last place you saved the files. The programs themselves take very little space, it is the files generated by them that fill the disk. Leave the games and installed programs on the C drive with Windows. Create folders for the music and photos on the new drive, and save to there. Don't forget to back up the photos and music to CD or DVD, then if the drive fails you won't have lost everything.

  _clive_ 10:41 25 Mar 2005

thanks again Yoda
Windows tells me i'm unable to defrag because of lack of disc space so I'll just have to risk a drag and drop for the photos I think (I have burnt them all onto CD's as a hard copy back-up just in case)
I'll reinstall the games on the new drive and fit it as 'slave' I think, and I know how to reconfigure my photo program to use the new drive so that should be ok.
As for music files...well i suppose i could copy them accross and delete the originals on the old drive...if I do this will I get the same space freed as the files occupied in the first place (I understand the pc uses all sorts of temporary files to operate and these still fill the dive)?

  Yoda Knight 10:44 25 Mar 2005

Yes. U might want to try ccleaner for all the temp files etc. click here

Photos, music, video, documents can all be moved with no problems

  _clive_ 10:49 25 Mar 2005

thanks both Yoda and Gongoozler've both been most helpful!
Going to get on with it right away and I'll let you know the outcome ;)

  _clive_ 11:41 25 Mar 2005

well....second drive fitted and all fact i'm staggered at how easy it was really...the Seagate sotware was simplicity itself, just two or three clicks and hey presto!
On with the real work now...freeing up some space on the original drive ;)
thanks again for your time!

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