Before installing a Router is there anything.....

  golfpro 05:56 20 Oct 2007

I am ready to install my cable router Linksys WRT 54GL. My question, is there ANYTHING I need to do on the host computer or other stuff before I switch off and start to take out cables, plugs etc etc. Or can I go ahead plug it in and switch on.

  mgmcc 07:47 20 Oct 2007

Power everything off, including the Cable Modem which must be left without power for three or four minutes - this is IMPORTANT so that it loses the association between the existing connection (recognised by its MAC address) and the IP address that it has allocated to it.

Connect a network cable between the router's WAN port and the Cable Modem's Ethernet port. Connect a second network cable between the PC's network port and one of the Router's LAN ports. Power on the Cable Modem and, when fully booted with all lights displayed, power on the Router. When the router is fully up and running, boot the PC. The Cable Modem will recognise a new connection and allocate a different IP address to it.

If you now type the Router's IP address into your web browser you should be able to open its configuration pages to set it up for wireless networking.

You don't need to do anything in the computers that connect to the router, just connect by ethernet cable or 'wirelessly' and they should be online.

NOTE: When connecting via a router, all computers have an equal status in the network. There is no "Host" computer and Internet Connection Sharing *MUST NOT* be enabled on any connection in any of the computers. As you had been using this, disable it again.

  golfpro 08:04 20 Oct 2007

Thanks for that.

"If you now type the Router's IP address into your web browser you should be able to open its configuration pages to set it up for wireless networking".

Do I need to do this? The WRT 54 GL has a setup disc included plus the easy set up button.

When I spoke to my cable ISP hot line yesterday, the guy said that the MAC and ISP address would be recognized automatically when I power up.

  mgmcc 09:10 22 Oct 2007

If you are using the Router's setup wizard on the CD, then you may not need to go into its settings to set things up. I just avoid these wizards like the plague. At the end there is a test to check that the internet is working - in all five of the routers I've set up with Cable broadband, this test has failed, despite everything subsequently working properly.

  ambra4 12:37 22 Oct 2007

If any firewalls are installed on any of the PCs, uninstall them.

This includes Zone Alarm, Sygate, Kerio, Norton Internet Security, Zero Knowledge Freedom, Cisco VPN Client, F-Secure, McAfee Firewall, Trend Micro, Comodo, PC Tools Firewall Plus etc.

In many cases, disabling the firewall is not enough; you have to actually uninstall it.

Do not install or re-install the firewall until after you have the network functioning properly.

Check the manual and configure the modem/router via your browser

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