installing ram

  ted bear 12:07 21 Apr 2004

hi i know this might seem a stupid question to all you computer experts but to someone who only opens their computer one a year checks for dead rats and birds nests - carefully closes the comp and says a prayer before restarting - iv just installed 512 meg rd ram - the instructions says if all sockets are full ( which they were)you will need to remove smaller capacity modules placing the larger capacity modules first.i removed 2 x 64 and replaced them with 2 x 256meg rebooted and everything seems ok - my question is which is FIRST front or back of the comp. i put them at the back with 2 x 64 meg at front was this right?

  Pyrosoft 12:20 21 Apr 2004

ehhh, mebbie i am wrong, but what I think was meant was to remove the smaller modules first as opposed to the larger modules.

i.e. if you had 1x 64Mb chip and 1x128Mb chip then you would replace the 64Mb chip before you replace the 128.

  spuds 12:25 21 Apr 2004

Some installation videos, which may help click here

  temp003 12:26 21 Apr 2004

I think you must have done it right, because the old modules would have been placed in the first slot(s). Since you've put the new memory in their place, it must be right.

Usually the slot closest to the CPU would be the 1st slot. I think that's the slot closer to the back of the computer tower case (but not sure I've pictured it correctly in my mind).

  temp003 12:27 21 Apr 2004

What I don't understand is you said the sockets are full, but you managed to put the old modules back in? Am I missing something?

  ted bear 14:36 21 Apr 2004

i had 4 x 64 meg of rd ram in computer- i took 2 x 64 meg out and put in 2 x 256 meg = 640 meg in machine 2 x 64 meg in my hand. my concer is from reading instructions the larger ram i.e. my 2 x 256 need to be first in line -but im not sure if thats the front 2 slots or back 2 slots

  Pyrosoft 14:49 21 Apr 2004

och i wouldnt worry about it.

Is it showing up as 640 meg on the POST screen during boot up?
If it is then there isnt a problem.

  Curio 14:54 21 Apr 2004

Also right click My Computer, click properties and see how much RAM is displayed there

  ted bear 15:05 21 Apr 2004

both show 640 meg ram - maybe i am worrying about nothing. thanks for helping

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