installing radeonx1950pro agp

  tartanarmy 11:46 30 Dec 2006

jist bought the above an ah'm confused by the instructions.quick install guide says, simply plug in tae power(molex?)connector.problem no.1,there's 2 connectors at the end o' the card!either wan?nae instructions at sapphire site.problem number 2....the guide on the anti-static bag says tae use the supplied split adapter lead... A tae card.....B tae hard drive....C tae power lead .ah've got a sata drive(maxtor;nae molex connection) but ah have a molex- sata adapter.can ah go....
"A" molex connector tae card (either slot?)
sata adapter tae hard drive(fae the "B" molex)
other "C" molex connector tae power lead?

ps. the sata lead in the HD at present has mair leads(2) than the adapter this a problem?

  wee eddie 12:46 30 Dec 2006

I had difficulty following you thread above due the the lack of normal punctuation. From the multiple use of the Full Stop, you obviously know where the relevant keys are.

You know what you are trying to say.

Please try to make it easy for us to understand.

  Totally-braindead 12:12 31 Dec 2006

Have to agree with wee eddie you're not making things easy for us and I'm Scottish.

Right the connectors. The graphics card you have needs more power that the graphics port on your PC can supply hence you get a secondary power connector. You can connect it anyway you like within reason. It has to connect to one of the molex connectors. You mention an adaptor you have. If its what I think it is its a splitter and is for use if you don't have a free molex connector. All you do is connect the splitter into the hard drive connector so it splits it in two, then connect one to the hard drive and one to the graphics card.

Sorry if this isn't what you asked but your postings a bit unclear.

  Totally-braindead 12:15 31 Dec 2006

Oh regarding the 2 connectors on the graphics card. If you tell us what card it is we might be able to help. I haven't seen a graphics card with 2 molex connections on it before.
Make of the card is Sapphire what is the model number eg X1600 or whatever?

  Totally-braindead 12:23 31 Dec 2006

Forget I said about posting with the model. I got a bit confused with trying to understand what you said and didn't notice the title. You connect both molex connectors read this click here be aware that this card appears to need a lot of power. If you have a look through the Forum there you will see a few postings from people who have had to upgrade their power supplies to get it to work properly. eg click here

  tartanarmy 13:01 31 Dec 2006

thanks for the links guys.ah've got an antec 450psu.havenae tried installin the card yet ,jist wanted tae make sure ah didnae fry it when installin.think ah've sussed the dis this sound?

use the split cable supplied-
cable "A" tae graphics card molex1
cable "B" tae spare molex power connecter
cable "C" tae molex/sata connecter,then tae hard drive

finally spare molex power cable fae pc tae graphics card molex2

hopefully there's enough juice tae power up!
system is......winxp,pentium 3.2,2gb memory,200gb hard drive.

no even gonnae attempt tae install until aboot the 5th. a wee celebration the next few days!hope ye all have a happy an prosperous new year!

  wee eddie 13:38 31 Dec 2006

I may be wet inside as well as out. I think we've got 11 tickets, so should have a good time.

Am now sewing 50p pieces into the hem of ma kilt. Gotta try and keep my dignity somehow!

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