Installing Programs on Second Hard Disk

  bartonside 18:02 28 Oct 2007

I recently had an additional hard disk installed on my computer as the first was was becoming rather full. I would like to put my desktop publishing programme on it. Can I delete it from the C drive (saving the projects) then install it on the F drive if I create a file F:\Program Files?

  Technotiger 18:08 28 Oct 2007

In a word - Yes. I have many programs on a second external hard drive.

  DJ-Garry 18:15 28 Oct 2007

Depending on your OS, it is sometimes best to keep installed programs on the main C drive but many will work fine on a second drive. Don't just delete the program tho. Save all your projects as you mentioned, then un-install the program properly. Then, when you re-install it, just choose the second drive as the installation directory and it should be fine.

Incidently, years ago, I had a Win 95 SE PC, added a second drive that used to be the system drive in another machine and was able to use the programs installed on the old drive just by double clicking on the .exe files.

  rossgolf 18:38 28 Oct 2007

you could use teh second hard drive as a slave and put all programs on that so then it frees up space on your main hdd for all your data

  bartonside 18:42 28 Oct 2007

Thanks guys - much helpful advice.

  woodchip 19:10 28 Oct 2007

Have you tried Installing them to a DVDRW disc or CDRW. I have run programs from optical discs in the past

  DJ-Garry 19:44 28 Oct 2007

Only dissadvantage with your idea is that if you have a system crash and need to format the hard drive for a new install of windows, all your data is loat on the system drive. Much better to have the re-installable programs ALL on the system drive and re-define your 'My Documents' folder to your second drive.

  rossgolf 22:00 28 Oct 2007

yes very true supagaz you could also partition one the second hard drive for programs and one for data then keep the old hdd for the windows xp files...there fore if you need to re install windows then you will not loose any files
or you could just keep xp files on old hdd and programs and data on the new one with out partition ...

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