Installing Processor/ motherboard Problem

  3.06GHZ Northwood 19:19 15 Mar 2005

I want to install a 1.8ghz p4, with a new motherboard. I have windows XP, and have lots of data. Is there a way i can install this new hardware without having to wipe my hard drive and reinstall windows?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:30 15 Mar 2005

Install mobo and chip boot pc if lucky then will boot find new hardware and install.

If unlucky then windows will not boot as old motherboard drivers conflicting. So :

boot to safe mode, remove old Mobo drivers and reboot, windows again should find new hardware and install.

  [email protected] 19:30 15 Mar 2005

Not that i can think of. when u install the new motherboard your old bios settings are on harddrive. u will have to reformat, the system will not boot into windows...sorry..

  3.06GHZ Northwood 19:39 15 Mar 2005

the only problem is, its currently an old 1ghz machine, which came with windows 98. I have xp on it now with an upgrade disk.

1)Is it possible to wipe the hard drive, and reinstall with just an upgrade disk?

2) Windows has that activation thingy, would it recongnise the pc as a whole new pc, meaning the license would no longer apply?

  gudgulf 19:51 15 Mar 2005

It's usually best to format and clean install Windows.It might work as Fruit Bat /\0/\ suggests but you will need a fair bit of luck.Best case scenario is that Windows boots and lets you install the drivers for the new motherboard.If you stay lucky then there will be no conflicts between the new and old drivers.It wont do any harm to try though.

One thing that might well happen is that windows will lock you out of the new set-up and demand you phone Microsoft in order to activate it.This is because Windows may think it is being put on a second pc (This has happened to me).If you reformat you will not have this problem.

Have you thought about transfering all your data onto cd/dvd or using an additional drive as your main Windows drive with a clean install and then using your original as a slave so you can access your data?

  3.06GHZ Northwood 19:58 15 Mar 2005

yes, i will put all my data on the secondary hard drive, just not sure how though...

  gudgulf 20:13 15 Mar 2005

In order to do a clean install you will need an older version of Windows to put on first and then you can upgrade with your Xp disc.If you can't get your hands on one then you will qualify to buy a full oem version of Xp (around £60)from a reputable supplier if purchased at the same time as the motherboard or processor.

If it is just data files you want to access/transfer I would just drag and drop them from the old drive to the new drive using explorer.When finished transferring all that I wanted I would then format the old drive to remove Windows from it and use it to back up/store all my data from then on.

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