installing O/S on Laptop

  Amadas 20:31 27 Mar 2005

Good day all,

I just purchased a used Toshiba Satellite A10 PSA10C laptop from a friend of mine. I've attempted to clean things up by removing programs and files I will not use, and I have run adaware and antivirus programs (only to find tons of both). However, it's still loading up rather slow compared to my desktop, although, it is noticably faster than it was.

It comes with it's own two disks from Toshiba (Win XP home edition, it's own software and drivers). I guess I'm wondering if I can install another O/S? Do I need to mess around in the Bios to accept W2K for example? If I decide to stick with Toshiba's disks and install Win XP HE, I don't want Toshiba's other software. I'm know that whatever O/S I install, I'll need to obtain all the updates. Can it be as simple as inserting the W2k disk and going from there?

I haven't done anything as I'm awaiting your suggestions.

This is my first laptop and I'm learning it's quite different from a desktop.

Your assistance, as always, is greatly appreciated.


  woodchip 20:39 27 Mar 2005

It would run fastest on Win98se but you would need to use FDISK to remove Partition Information as will not load until

  peabody 20:51 27 Mar 2005

I would have thought that you want to re-format the HDD to do a clean install of the likes of W2K rather than try to plonk it on top of Win XP - even if Win XP would let you as I think it would whinge that you were trying to install an older O/S than Win XP. So if I were you I would format the HDD and start afresh. You may need to change the BIOS just to boot from the CD when you come to install your new O/S, other than that I would have thought it would be straightforward. I would, with respect to Woodchip, have steered clear of Win98 as it is no longer supported by MS (is it?) Hope this helps.

  woodchip 21:14 27 Mar 2005

it will not let you downgrade to previous os with removing and recreating partition

  Strawballs 21:39 27 Mar 2005

If you have removed a lot of programs have you thought of cleaning the registery with a cleaning program like click here for example there are others about that other people could recomend but this is the one that I have used for years very effectively with no problems.
You can use it to get rid of things that you know that you have uninstalled and if you go to tools>registery cleanup>do them all it will find all entries that no longer point to a program and allow you to remove them.

  Amadas 03:18 28 Mar 2005

Thank you all for your advice.

Strawballs, I took your advice and downloaded reg cleaner. What a difference.

First though, I got rid of Norton System works as I was suspicious as to why system resources was maxed and learned that it took 73 Mb of resources.I installed ZAPro, AVG-7 and Ad-Aware SE. (All three only take up 20 MB). After running reg cleaner I rebooted and noticed it loads up in less than half the time it did before. System resources are now acceptable at 169 MB (compared to 238).

I'm dropping in another 512 MB of Ram on Monday and that should also help some more.

Thanks again,


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