installing os on formatted laptop

  drayton 10:29 18 May 2004

have got s\h laptop with formatted hard drive.I would like to install win98, have put in disc and get c:\ with flashing cursor. now what?
thanks for any help

  TomJerry 10:44 18 May 2004

If you got Win98 OEM (or full) version, it can only install on a "new" handdrive, i.e. reformarted and repartitioned. You need to parpare it with fdisk etc which normally on flopyy disk. If you got upgrade version, you may be able to go to win98 CD and type setup to start. on c:\ type d:, it should get to CD drive if your HDD only has one partition.

If you got original Win98CD, it should be bootable, you can get into bios setting and make CD the first boot device and boot the system from CD, and then just follow instruction. If the CD is not bootable, you need to boot from a floppy and go to cd drive, find setup.exe file and run it. If you do not have a bootable disk, you can download one from bootdisk click here.

  drayton 16:22 18 May 2004

trying to boot up from startup floppy I get
1. start computer with cdrom support

2. start computer without cdrom support

on choosing option 1 I end up with A:\ prompt
I have tried typing in d:\ then enter then typing setup and enter also tried E, F, C,
I now get CDR101: Not ready reading drive E
Abort, Retry, Fail?

  Fruit Bat 16:38 18 May 2004

A:\ will be your floppy drive

C:\ you HDD

D:\ a ram drive setup by the floppy boot disk where your tools are stored

E:\ is now temporarily your CD drive

the error message is telling you it cannot read the Win98 cd in the drive try cleaning the Win98 CD (soft cloth) and the drive with a Cd lens cleaner if you have one. Then replace and try E:\setup again

  drayton 20:41 18 May 2004

brilliant thanks very much everything now ok.
thanks tomjerry and fruit bat

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