Installing operating system on to a new computer

  tonynoarm 14:38 21 Jan 2008

I recently purchased a new computer for my daughter and wanted to put Window ME on to it. However the CD just would not run. I therefore used my own XP Pro disc which the system recognised. The problem being that I cannot register her machine with my own COA so it lock out after 30 days. I reloaded XP but this is time consuming and not an effective way to go about things - I do not want to buy another XP COA hence I wanted to use my old Windows ME on it. Can anyone offer any advice please?

  DieSse 14:41 21 Jan 2008

"However the CD just would not run."

Can you post a bit more detail of what's happening when you try please.

  octal 14:41 21 Jan 2008

Question is what does your daughter want to use the computer for? If it is just for surfing, emails and doing the odd letter then have you though about Linux? It's free click here

  tonynoarm 14:43 21 Jan 2008

Absolutly nothing happened when I installed the ME CD. The drive spun and I assume tried to read the CD, but nothing happened and no message appeared.

  tonynoarm 14:45 21 Jan 2008

Octal: She uses it for music downloads, MSN, homework on MS Works and surfing - basically.

  €dstowe 14:48 21 Jan 2008

I seem to remember that ME required a boot floppy before it would install.

Windows ME is quite the worst operating system ever produced by Microsoft. I wouldn't give the least consideration to installing it on any machine, not least a new one.

  tonynoarm 14:50 21 Jan 2008

Cheers. Does that mean I have to purchase an XP COA? :(

  €dstowe 14:52 21 Jan 2008

What I would do is buy a complete XP disk rather than just a COA - the cost would be about the same. Shop around for the disk there can be variations in the prices between suppliers.

  tonynoarm 14:53 21 Jan 2008

Thanks for the advice

  DieSse 14:57 21 Jan 2008

You can start up the system with a start-up floppy, and then run setup on the CD to get it going.

If you don't have your original ME startup floppy, you can download one from here click here

However, as octal says - why use Windows at all (ME wasn't a great version!)

The link he gave for a linux CD will look plenty familiar enough to just use - it's free - needs no licence codes - and already has in it office software, photo/picture software, audio software, as well as all the standard stuff like web browsing and email.

  DieSse 14:58 21 Jan 2008

And you won't have to worry a fraction as much about viruses and other malware!

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