Installing old hardware

  Tabvla 13:14 11 Mar 2006

System : Athlon 64 XP Pro SP2
Hardware : Agfa SnapScan Touch USB

I want to install the SnapScan scanner on the XP PC. The scanner installation CD predates XP and the SETUP.exe won't run under XP. In addition the driver on the CD was written for Windows 98.

I have downloaded the XP driver and have it available as either a .bin or an .exe file.

What is the correct procedure to install pre-XP hardware on an XP system if you have the new driver but the SETUP.exe file won't run and the XP New Hardware Wizard keeps telling you to run the SETUP.exe program from the CD?


  Marsh Warden © ™ 13:21 11 Mar 2006

Usually, install the Software/Drivers before connecting the device. You should be told when to connect during the install procedure. If the .exe file won't run it may be corrupted, try downloading it again, or try changing the .bin file to extension .iso and see if it will burn as an ISO image to a CD.

  Totally-braindead 13:30 11 Mar 2006

I had an AGFA scanner and there was no XP driver for it at all. I used the Windows 2000 driver and it worked perfectly, came up with warnings when I installed it but worked and caused no problems.

  acca 14:13 11 Mar 2006

By coincidence I have an Agfa Snapscan and have just changed from Windows 98 to XP. As you say the CD won't run on XP. I don't know whether this answers your query, but I downloaded driver version from Agfa and saved it on my hard drive. I then opened the installer and when this was finished loading I connected my Snapscan. Worked a treat.

  Tabvla 15:35 11 Mar 2006

Installed. Eventually got the .exe file to run and after that installation went smoothly. Problem seems that I connected the scanner before running the .exe file. Being a USB device I didn't think that it was important whether you connected the device before or after running the .exe file. And the error message was really strange "Out of Memory" ..??? huh!

Another USB device that I have instructs to "Connect the device before running the setup.exe"... So there does not seem to be any consistency in at what point you should connect the device.

Thanks for help.

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