Installing old hard drive as a slave on new p.c

  Joe_Robinson 21:03 02 Jan 2006

I am trying to connect the harddrive from my old computer, as a slave to my new computer.I have connected it and it shows up in BIOS and device manager.

Unfortunately it does not show up in "My Computer". After searching the forums I have tried all advice- I have made sure it is set as Auto in the BIOS.

I have also gone to disk management and tried to change the disk letter but the option on the right-click dropdown menu is greyed out. (I can still change the drive letter of my master drive)

Unfortunately I cannot format the drive because I need the information which is on it.

Any help will be much appreciated,

  LastChip 21:12 02 Jan 2006

If it's an IDE drive, have you reset the jumper on the drive, to set the drive as slave?

  dan12 21:15 02 Jan 2006

I had the same problem, but i believe it wont show in my computer until it is fomatted. am sure the guys on here will help you out. Cant you put the drive back in old pc save what you need then swap and format?
am only a begginer myself so don take my word for it. good luck.

  Joe_Robinson 21:17 02 Jan 2006

The drive is set as a slave yes.

Unfortunately I cannot put the drive back into the old computer because the old computer seemed to burn out. I smelt a hot plastic smell coming from it so I turned it off by the mains and it never worked after that. The hardidsk is ok though- or so I think.

  dan12 21:29 02 Jan 2006

Have you not got a friends pc you could use then save your data?put it in as a slave by altering jumpers.Hope it helps.

  Joe_Robinson 21:37 02 Jan 2006

not a friend who I could persuade to let me take the back off their computer unfortunatley.

  LastChip 21:51 02 Jan 2006

Let's go back a stage.

First. Have you connected the drive as a secondary drive on a data cable that already has a device on it? If it's on it's own cable, it should be set as Master.

Second. If you have had the drive out, presumably you know the name of the manufacturer. Go to their web site, and under Support, you should find a utility that will test the drive. These small programs often run from a floppy disk and these days, CD versions are normally available for those machines that no longer have a floppy drive fitted. Test it and make sure it's OK. otherwise, it is a waste of time trying to resolve this issue.

Third. Are you using the same operating system to try and access the drive? If you're using Windows XP now, it shouldn't be an issue (as it's backwards compatible), but if for example, you were using XP and are now using '98, depending on how the drive was formatted, it could make a difference.

  Zeppelyn 21:55 02 Jan 2006

Have you tried running chkdsk on it from Disk Management. Right Click, select properties-tools-error checking. Does Disk Management show if as healthy and show size and file type. If so should be OK.

  Joe_Robinson 21:58 02 Jan 2006

The second harddrive is connected as the secondary device on the cable which goes to the exisiting harddirve.

The harddrive which I am trying to put in is set as a slave. I am using windows Xp so as you said there should'nt be a problem.

Disk management shows it as healthy and with the correct capacity however it does not show how much space has been used.

Thanks for the tip on getting the file from the manufactors website I will try that now.

  DieSse 23:03 02 Jan 2006

Try instead disconnecting both the optical drives, and putting the drive on the secondary cable - this avoids any possible conflicts/incompatabilities with the main drive.

It's also possible that the *burning smell* was the drive itself, or the PSU (which can also destroy drives!) - so it may even be that the drive is not OK.

I've frequently put *foreign* drives into my XP Pro system for troubleshooting, and rarely had problems with finding them on the secondary IDE channel. They don't have to be newly formatted, or even the same file system.

  mrmeme 20:04 06 Feb 2006

Hi there

Could anyone tell me whether its possible to take a harddrive out of my old computer and put it on my new one as a slave without formatting (as i need the info on it)

If so, do I just connect the drive as a slave and boot up? Do any bios settings need to be changed?

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