Installing Office 2003 Over Top of IE7???

  HenryZee 09:47 27 Nov 2006

Aaagh! My old home PC died and I temporarily replaced it with an alternative running XP Service Pack 2/Office 2000. I was planning to upgrade this to Office 2003 using my original Office 2003 disks, in a couple of weeks time.

However, over the weekend, in a 'senior' moment, I let Windows Update install IE7 on my machine. IE7 is working OK but what will happen if I now try to install Office 2003?

I have a horrible feeling that it will try and overwrite IE7 with the standard Office 2003 IE6 which is likely to break everything. Someone suggested that Office 2003 should 'recognise' that there is a later, unknown version of IE on my PC and leave it alone. However, I'm more than somewhat cynical about that :-)

Can anyone advise as to whether this will work? Alternatively, should I deinstall IE7 and revert to IE6, install Office 2003 and then reinstall IE7?

Having been bitten by software too many times, I instinctivly tend towards the latter approach but any advice would be welcomed.


  VoG II 09:48 27 Nov 2006

IE6 is not part of Office.

  HenryZee 10:11 27 Nov 2006


Are you sure? It's been a while since I did the original Office2003 install but I somehow got it into my mind that it installed a whole load of IE6 elements and libraries.

  VoG II 10:13 27 Nov 2006

Nope - IE6 comes with Windows, not Office.

If you want to, you can uninstall IE7 from Control Panel, Add or Remove programs which would revert you to IE6.

  HenryZee 10:35 27 Nov 2006


Brilliant. That sound really hopeful. If you were in my shoes, would you revert back to IE6 prior to installing Office 2003 or would you just go ahead and do it?

Based on what you said, it doesn't sound as if the Office2003 install should affect IE7....but then again, these are MS coders we're talking about :-)

  VoG II 10:45 27 Nov 2006

I would just go ahead and do it - I would not foresee any problems related to IE7.

  anskyber 11:01 27 Nov 2006

I agree with VoG™, he is usually right! Seriously there is no obvious or good practice reason for you to uninstall first.

  [email protected] 12:59 27 Nov 2006

I have tried it both ways and no problems found
albeit I use XP
Office is acomplete program in its own right similarly to IE7
The prog does recognize IE7 so IE6 is simply a backup and you can find this control panel add/remove progs

  HenryZee 09:03 28 Nov 2006

Thanks to everyone for the feedback and advice. As suggested, I'll go ahead and install Office 2003 without worrying about IE7.....although, being a paranoid android, I'll still do an image backup, first :-)

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