Installing Office 2003 on new computer

  Rusty 10:45 26 Apr 2007

I am a teacher and both my children are students. We purchased a Students copy of Office 2003 which I am told has a licence for three users, and each have a copy on our machine. I have bought a new, computer and want to transfer my copy to the new machine. How do I do it without having to buy anothet disk?

  rodriguez 10:48 26 Apr 2007

Not sure about the legal issues of this, but I suppose if you took the disk and installed it on your new machine it would just install. However if it requires some sort of internet activation, you might need to buy a new licence, which will probably be cheaper than a new disc anyway.

  Les 11:39 26 Apr 2007

I have the basic edition of Office 2003 and this can be loaded onto another computer with no bothers. O don't know if the student edition has to be be authenticated by Microsoft, but at a guess I would say it does. If it does then I suppose that this is how they keep tabs on the number of copies. Think back, did you have to authenticate each of the children's copies? If so, then such a record may exist, if not then you should be OK. Try it and see - what have you got to lose?

  Kate B 12:43 26 Apr 2007

If it's come off one machine, ring Microsoft when you're prompted to activate it and explain what you're doing - they'll probably give you a new activation key if they're satisfied you have indeed taken it off the old computer.

  Fingees 12:46 26 Apr 2007

If you have student teachers version, it will activate OK over the internet,I have it on two computers.

  Rusty 11:14 04 May 2007

Thanks for all the advice. I feel a lot happier now.

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