Installing Norton Virus

  groundhog99 13:45 17 Dec 2006

I'm a complete beginner so please be gentle with me!

I've just purchase a new PC and installed all the windows updates(its windows XP). I've just tried to install Nortons anti virus from disk and it is has not worked. It went through several registry errors, and then comes up with 9999.171 error. This directs me to the Nortons website which then advises to download the Norton Removal Tool. But unfortunately when I try to run this I get an error 0x80070005. I feel as if I'm in groundhog day (apt I know for my name!) but can't break the loop.

Please can someone help me!

  RicScott 13:50 17 Dec 2006

Knowing the manufacturer of the PC would help..
If you purchased it from PCWorld or Currys, there is a way of running the removal tool and also an updated removal tool.
If you have a Packard Bell, remove it through the Smart Restore tool.

Have a look in Add/Remove programs to see if you can see NIS there.. If you can, try to remove it from there then run the tool. The tool cleans the registry.

  RobCharles1981 13:54 17 Dec 2006

I wouldnt bother with Norton at all download this click here

To remove norton

and get either AVG or Avast (Which I'm trying out now) from

click here

  p;3 14:01 17 Dec 2006

I too would suggest that you leave the Norton alone and go for the AVG or the Avast ( I am using avg after removing norton some while ago); AVG is far more user friendly ;however, if you insist on using the Norton hopefully someone may be able to help you with it 14:22 17 Dec 2006

i had nis 2006 which is quite heavy on resources, i removed it by add/ remove programs, then d/loaded removal tool ran that then ran click here then used avg, zone alarm and spyware blaster, and had many many problems, my advice is remove norton as i did reinstall and upgrade (if you havnt already got it) to nis 2007 which uses less resourses than the freebies i tried and offers good security which is totally hands off, good for beginers like us! i think the free stuff is ok if you know the sites you go to, if you have a flatmate like mine stick with norton 6 months no problems, 2 weeks with freebies 2 major problems which led to complete system recovery, good luck

  groundhog99 00:23 18 Dec 2006

PC was bought from PC world it is a EI 204 I think. I will try your suggestions tomorrow. Thank you

  RicScott 21:52 05 Feb 2007
  groundhog99 19:38 07 Feb 2007


We did manage to resolve but had to restore back to factory settings and install Nortons BEFORE connecting to Internet, it now works fine

Thank you everyone for your ideas


  Jimmy14 19:48 07 Feb 2007

Glad you kept Norton and fixed it as you wished instead of giving up and using less enhanced programs.

  p;3 21:50 07 Feb 2007

I think you may yet live to regret installing the Norton; time will tell, and you have already experienced problems with it ::)) 22:07 07 Feb 2007

i think you have made the correct choice, i have been reading these forums since june, have only heard complaints about old versions of nis, have only heard 'bad news' off people who havnt tried the later versions, and looking at the helproom forum of late you will see a lot of similar problems and they're not with nis!

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