Installing new software

  VCR97 20:05 17 Jun 2004

When installing new software I am usually told to close all other programs. Do I really need to close my firewall and AV programs? I have gone back on-line a couple of times having forgotten to reopen them.

  VoG II 20:08 17 Jun 2004

I usually don't close anything unless told to close a specific program (tut, tut!).

Some programs won't install with A/V running though. You should be able to leave firewall running.

  Fruit Bat 20:08 17 Jun 2004

you only need to close programs with open windows.
Usually a good idea to keep virus checker working and I never switch off the firewall unless suffering from a major problem.


  Dorsai 20:45 17 Jun 2004

if my firewall goes off the PC shortly follows.....

then the phone line gets unplugged till i can get the firewall back me paranoid if you want
but it works for me.

  jack 20:58 17 Jun 2004

Virus checker and Firewall need only be ON if you are actually on line all the time [Broadband!]

If you are not on line you wont be zapped.
It is a good idea to shut down all operations whilst software in installing, other wise there is the potential for a conflict ,as installing files try to enter registers that are active.
There is a program =freeware I think called EndIt All- this turns off everything in one hit.
Try a Web search for it.

  GaT7 21:01 17 Jun 2004

I'm with jack on this one. I always close everything & after installing restart my PC (even if it doesn't prompt to do so). On restart everything is up & running normally again. Read somewhere that they're the IDEAL few things to do when installing new software. Never have a problem. G

  Old Shep 21:03 17 Jun 2004

End it all click here you will have to reboot your computer after installing software to restart these tasks.

  canute44 21:39 17 Jun 2004

EndItAll needs to be treated with some caution. It usually crashes my Windows Me whereas using Control-Alt-Delete closes everything with only rare problems. Perhaps it's me!

  VCR97 20:51 18 Jun 2004

There seems to be a slight divergence of opinion! It's given me something to think about. Thanks for taking the trouble to respond.

  Tinkey Winkey 23:07 18 Jun 2004

Enditall looks very useful but doesn't seem to be available from the links I've tried.

Anyone know of any active download links for enditall please ?

  Clint2 00:03 19 Jun 2004

End it all version 1 and version 2 seems to be available click here

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