Installing new ram on XP

  jonem81 09:07 31 Jul 2012

I am about to update my ram on my XP. I have 4 slots each with 256 ram, making a total of 1GB. I have been advised by Crucial regarding the correct ram to install which is a 2GB KIT - and this is the cheaper way. What I want to know, and what the suppliers haven't told me, is will I be left with 2 empty slots, or will the 'KIT' (2GB) cover/clip over all 4 slots? ( The max is 2GB for my PC, btw). A different supplier suggested 4x512 modules, but this is the more expensive way.

Thanks all,


  hastelloy 09:24 31 Jul 2012

It will fit into only 1 slot - make it the first one. The others will be empty and that's fine.

  birdface 10:27 31 Jul 2012

Depending on how old your computer is you should find very little difference with the running of your computer adding extra ram.

I upgraded mine from 560mb I think it was to 2 Gb and made not the slightest bit of difference.

So don't expect miracles.

  spuds 11:48 31 Jul 2012

Crucial would know what their kits consists of, and this should have been explained at the time. If Crucial gave you a chip set reference number, then go back to their website or send an email and see what information is given.

What memory chips are we talking about, is it as old as PC133?.

  jonem81 11:52 31 Jul 2012

marvin42 Thanks, marvin42, just what I wanted to know.


That's very disappointing! I've always been told that it would certainly speed up a PC, but I suppose it depends on what else is in the box! Mine is a Sony PCV-RS404 with 3.00 gigahertz Intel Pentium 4 with HT, and Radeon 9200. The main circuit board is ASUSTek Computer Inc. P4SD-VL. Prior to buying a new HP PC, I used the (very reliable) Sony to author Dvd's which it did with ease. Howwever, the children have installed about 3,000,000 resource-stealing games, but they have now 'allowed' me to get rid of! My aim is to use the Sony Recovery Disc to reinstall the whole system, and start all over again. Hopefully, I shall get SOME increase in speed!

Thanks for your interest!


  jonem81 11:58 31 Jul 2012


The memory we are talking about is:

2GB kit (1GBx2) DDR PC2700.CL=2.5. unbuffered.NON-ECC.DDR333.2.5v.128Megx64..Part No: CT445277

Thanks for your response


  retep888™ 12:30 31 Jul 2012

I'd suggest you backup important files and do a factory restore,you'll find your Sony's given a new life.

See how the PC is running, if it worked okish before factory restoring apart from a bit sluggish with 1 GB ram then adding more ram is wasting money .

If not then get some cheap used RAM from click here to make it 1.5 GB ,you'll be fine. I normally advise people not to spend over 15-20% of the realtime value of the PC on upgrades.

  lotvic 12:59 31 Jul 2012

If your pc is "The max is 2GB for my PC" as you say in your first post then each slot can only take a max of 512mb memory stick.

And yet you say Crucial offered you 2GB kit (1GBx2) which is two sticks each one 1GB in size.

something not right. What is your motherboard? and make and model of your pc?

  lotvic 13:03 31 Jul 2012

Ah, I see you have already put your pc make and mobo in another post.

  lotvic 13:28 31 Jul 2012

My apologies, I found it Part no: CT445277 and on further investigation it seems sony have restricted the bios to support the total memory to 2GB on that OEM board.

Crucial say: Memory Type: DDR PC2700, DDR PC3200, DDR (non-ECC), Maximum Memory: 2GB, Slots: 4 Each memory slot can hold DDR PC2700, DDR PC3200 with a maximum of 1GB per slot. Not to exceed manufacturer supported memory

So if it were me I'd get the 2GB kit (1GBx2) and put that in and if it worked ok then I would try some extra sticks in the other two slots and see if it was recognised.

Make sure you put the two 1GB sticks in the correct slots, they should be colour coded to indicate pairs.

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