Installing New Ram Computer Wont start

  tommate123 13:44 23 Aug 2013

My Rig:

Intel xeon 2.66ghz overclocked to 3.51 2x2gb ddr2 ram asus rampage formula motherboard gefore 280 graphics card

Okay so I bought 2 new sticks of ram at 2gb each checked to make sure they were compatible with my rig and they were.

Just got it in the post and stuck them in tried booting up and it got to "windows starting" or w/e it is.. on windows 7 then it restarted it self and repeated..

I tried taking the overclock of and same thing. In the bios menu it does say that there is 8192mb ram installed when all 4 sticks are in.

I took the 2 new sticks out and bam computer works again.

Any ideas?

  tommate123 14:13 23 Aug 2013

but why would it show in bios that there is 8192mb of ram installed? :/

  Batch 14:29 23 Aug 2013

Maybe there's a conflict between your existing ram and the new stuff (not unknown for this to happen). Try putting just the new stuff in on its own and see what happens.

  tommate123 14:38 23 Aug 2013

all 4 pieces of the ram are the same apart from the make of them

  Chronos the 2nd 15:19 23 Aug 2013

DDR2 is very unforgiving mate, fortunately there has been a vast improvement in compatibility with DDR3.

I would try the new RAM in on it's own and see if it boots, are you getting any beep noises on pressing the power button?

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