Installing a new PCI firewire/USB combo...

  nick_j007 12:05 22 Jun 2006

I'm going to replace one of the above with a Belkin brand as my current one is I believe faulty.

Can I just stick the new one in end of story?

Or do I have to uninstall the old one in some way?



  De Marcus™ 12:15 22 Jun 2006

A straight swap should be fine, windows will recognise the swap on startup and install the appropriate drivers.

  nick_j007 12:16 22 Jun 2006

Great! I was hoping for a quick answer.

I shall be on my knees in two minutes with my head up my case.


Thank you!!

  nick_j007 13:20 22 Jun 2006

That the new Belkin firewire card is working as I type!

Thanks all.


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