Installing new operating system

  VNAM75 13:39 07 Apr 2008

I want to install vista ultimate on my pc to replace xp pro. I would be grateful for some advice on the process.

1) Transferring files/backup
I want to transfer all of my data to my laptop which is currently wirelessly networked to my pc. I've tried transferring the data by dragging and dropping the folders to the laptop drives but this seems to take forever. I've got 40-60gb of data to transfer. I've heard in vista you can create a direct connection via an ethernet cable to transfer data. Would this method be faster?

2) Restore point - would it be a good idea to create a restore point once I've loaded vista, and another one once I've loaded the software?

3) Reformatting hard drive to load vista. I can't remember how to do this. Do you run fdisk from the dos prompt? After I've done that do I put the vista disk into the cd drive and then set up the bios to boot from cd first?

4) Would vista ultimate 64 bit be faster than my current xp pro. I have an amd 3800 and 2gb ram. Would vista ultimate make better use of the amd 64 cpu than xp pro?

  VNAM75 13:40 07 Apr 2008

In 1) my laptop has vista basic installed

  Ditch999 14:08 07 Apr 2008

Personally, I would stick with XP Pro!
(That should start something!! LOL)

Re 1 You can connect XP to Vista directly, just use a cross-over cable instead of an ordinary one.
2. Yes
3. Start > Run > Format c:\
4. Not that you would notice.

  Ditch999 14:09 07 Apr 2008

Sorry re 3. Start > Run > cmd > format C:\

  Ditch999 14:11 07 Apr 2008

start > Run > cmd > help format
Gives you all the options

  oldbeefer2 14:31 07 Apr 2008

You need an 'Easy Transfer Cable' (a fiver off ebay). It comes with a disc which programmes the XP machine - you can then run the wizard on the Vista one and transfer what you want. Works through USB, so fast.

  VNAM75 15:36 07 Apr 2008

Thanks everyone for the advice.

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