Installing a New Hard Drive - Windows ME

  Alien463 18:06 15 Apr 2003

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me.

I will be recently purchasing a new hard drive to install onto my current hard drive (as I am rapidly running out of space), and was wondering if anybody could lead me through the relevant stages in the process; that is, from actually getting the hard drive to opening the computer and installing it to setting up the required settings (creating the partition etc P.S. I do have partition magic but haven't used it as yet). Otherwise if anybody knows any links that I can use that can help me?

I have a Windows Me Compaq Presario Internet PC 5000 series.

Thanks for any help.


  Alien463 18:10 15 Apr 2003

Just to make it a bit more clear - the new hard drive will be installed alongside my current hard drive, as I want to keep all my existing data.

Thanks in advance,


  MAJ 18:39 15 Apr 2003

To start with, Alien463, don't buy an IBM drive, buy a Maxtor, Seagate or Western Digital hard drive, the choice is yours. If you get a fairly large drive (80 to 120 gig) you will probably need to upgrade your BIOS. To avoid doing that you could buy a PCI to IDE interface card (about £30). Installing the drive is a doddle. Install it (if you don't need to upgrade the BIOS) as a slave to your present drive. To do that set the jumper, on the back of your new drive, to slave and connect it to the middle connector of the IDE cable your present drive is on. If you could give some more info on the size of drive you want, your present BIOS etc. it would be easier to advise. You don't have to worry about Partition Magic just yet, at least not until you get the drive installed.

  eccomputers 21:28 15 Apr 2003

just as a matter of interest, why not IBM?

If you have never fitted hard drives before, I would ask someone who has to do it for you. You can end up with all sorts of problems and if you arent careful you could easily accidentally wipe away windows and all your data..

There are a lot of things to consider, like ....
what speed your motherboard supports. If your motherboard is say ata100 and your current hard drive is less than this, slaving a new drive will force it to run at the slower speed on the same channel.

Please take my advice, if necessary get a shop to fit it. It will take them 30 minutes.

  MAJ 21:41 15 Apr 2003

IBM drives are just too unreliable. I sort of agree with the rest of your post, if Alien463 doesn't fancy it or think it's beyond him/her then get a shop to do it, I think PCWorld charge something like £15 to do it if you buy the drive from them, but if Alien463 wants to learn, there's little easier than fitting a hard drive, so is a good place to start. I hope that doesn't sound patronising, it's not meant to, I promise. That's why I stopped short in my previous post and asked for more info.

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