Installing a new Graphics Card

  wee eddie 14:31 05 Sep 2009

I have watched several YouTube Clips about installing a new Graphics Card. They all say that it's really simple. No one seems to even worry, about where they hold the Card, fingers all over the place.

Just ~
1. Take out the old Card.
2. Plug in the new Card.
3. Install the Drivers.
4. That's it ~ Job done.

However nothing is said about uninstalling the old Card's Drivers or anything else related to it.

Should one be doing anything about these?

  Grey Goo 14:38 05 Sep 2009

Depends which card you buy. If you buy a similar brand it is possible that the current drivers will be ok. ATI use the catalyst drivers for a whole range of their cards as do Nvidia.

  Grey Goo 14:41 05 Sep 2009

Nvidia have their own drivers,(not catalyst).

  rdave13 14:50 05 Sep 2009

My routine is uninstall drivers and power down. Replace card, boot up and install drivers from supplied disc. I update the drivers at a later date if need be. Just use a bit of common sense when handling the card.

  mrwoowoo 18:53 05 Sep 2009

Best just to handle the cards at the edges and avoid the gold contacts and circuitry etc.
I keep my bare arms against the pc case as i install it to avoid static. I also touch a radiator fist to get rid of any static before i first touch the card.
rdave13 has described how to install the driver perfectly.
In the future,if you wish to update the driver there's no need to uninstall the old one first as any update will just install over the top of the old one.

  mrwoowoo 00:14 06 Sep 2009

Just installed my new gtx 260.
Just took it out of the anti static pouch and plonked it in as above. No problems.(O:!

  BT 08:17 06 Sep 2009

"I also touch a radiator first to get rid of any static before I first touch the card."

Not much point in touching a radiator if its painted!

I switch off at the wall but leave the plug in, then the whole PC is earthed and you only need to touch the bare metal chassis.

  gazzaho 08:33 08 Sep 2009

The above advice is all spot on, I would however add that it may be wise to use Revo Uninstaller click here to remove old drivers. Using this program removes errant registry entries and left over folders from a programs installation, I use NVIDIA drivers myself and they appear to uninstall cleanly as Revo doesn't show any registry entries after removal. I've never used ATI drivers however so I'm unsure how cleanly they uninstall.

As mrwoowoo has stated updated NVIDIA drivers will install over the top of older ones and you can then do a "roll Back" from Device Manager to reinstall the old driver if you run into probelms.

I use Revo for all program uninstalls, it might surprise you how many programs do not uninstall properly. I just thought it worth mentioning.

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