Installing New Graphics Card

  collie_man 21:59 29 Mar 2007

Ok, me again !

Got my lovely new screen, got my snazzy new graphics card, now I'm stuck !

First off, I have :
Acer T120
VIA S3G UniChrome IGP ( old one )
GeForce 6200 ( new one )
Windows XP
( anything else anyone needs to know ? )
Not sure what is relevant at this point.

Basically, I got the new graphics card so I could use my new monitor at the correct resolution.

I firstly followed the sheet of instructions, by inserting the new card and powering up the machine after connecting the new screen.

I got nothing, just the initial ACER screen then just a blinking cursor. I powered down, removed the new card and started again, Windows started fine on my old monitor.

Whenever my new card is in, I get stuck on the blinking cursor. But if I remove the new card and enter Windows, when I go to install the drivers it says the hardware is not there. So if I insert the card with the PC power on, I get nothing still. If I insert the card with the power off, I can't get into my PC.

I've tried disabling my old card but then again, the PC gets stuck at the blinking cursor !

Any help, questions, ideas, comments appreciated !

I need to do uni work !!!


  bennyhillslovechild 22:06 29 Mar 2007

Firstly - DON'T INSTALL WITH POWER ON!!! Dangerous to both you and the card!

A silly question, but does the card need a power source (normally one of the molex plus) and if so, have you actually plugged it in? I'm not trying to patronise, but I made this mistake once!

Do you need to disable onboard graphics in BIOS first? Or tell BIOS to use AGP slot for display?

  bennyhillslovechild 22:06 29 Mar 2007

"plus" should read 'plugs' - sorry.

  collie_man 22:10 29 Mar 2007

I had thought about the card needing powering, all it says in the documentation that came with it regarding that is

"Some cards require supplementary power and the connector is located...."

It doesn't state if mine needs powering or not, but the fan was spinning fine on the card when it was plugged in earlier. Not sure if this means much ?

How would I tell BIOS to use the AGP slots ? That sounds like it might work as when I disabled on-board graphics earlier I had no luck either.

  bennyhillslovechild 22:15 29 Mar 2007

does the card have a pocket for a power plug? Normally a four pin socket. If so, that would be the problem.

When you disabled the onboard in the bios ealier, it should have then looked for an graphics card automatically. I personally think it's a power issue.

  bennyhillslovechild 22:16 29 Mar 2007

does the card have a pocket for a power plug? Normally a four pin socket. If so, that would be the problem.

When you disabled the onboard in the bios ealier, it should have then looked for an graphics card automatically.

  bennyhillslovechild 22:17 29 Mar 2007

hmmmm - sorry about the double post, not sure what happened there. Too much caffeine probably. :)

  phono 22:17 29 Mar 2007

How did you disable the onboard graphics previously? On some mobos it is done from the BIOS, some auto-disable if an external card is plugged in and some have a jumper which needs to be reconfigured, check the mobo manual.

Does the new card have a socket for power on it? It may be a standard Molex type, a 4 pin affair as per a standard PATA IDE Hard Drive power connector, or in some cases, is a standard floppy disk connector.

If the card has a socket it will require a power plug connected to it.

  Totally-braindead 22:18 29 Mar 2007

Are you sure the new card is properly in the AGP slot. I know this might sound silly at first but they need a good firm push into the slot. And I mean firm, especially if the AGP port has never been used before. The first time I installed an AGP card I spent days trying to work out what was wrong, fitted the card half a dozen times or more until one day it fired up. It really does need a good shove, not so hard as you break the motherboard in half but a firm push. While the power is off obviously.

  phono 22:18 29 Mar 2007

I really must take typing lessons. ;^)

  collie_man 22:23 29 Mar 2007

There's certainly no power socket on the card itself.

I'm prety sure it was inserted all the way in, i tried that a few times but will do again. Would the screw and the small latch at the side both go back into place if the card wasn't inserted properly ?

I can't find any manual for the mobo, packaged or online. I disabled graphics via the Device Manager earlier, it's now enabled again.

Many thanks

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