installing new graphics card

  gazza38 10:03 21 May 2006

I bought a budget PC for my son
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Although I only bought it yesterday,I had in mind to make some improvements to it.
First to install 2x DDR400 512mb.
Second to install the spare 6600GT PCI-E,I have after upgrading my own PC to the 7800GTX.
My question is,how do I go about doing this?
My son's PC has onboard nvidia 6100.Will I need to disable this in the bios first?
What would be the correct order in which to install the new card,disable the onboard video first or install the new card?
I did not have this problem upgrading my own PC,as there were no onboard graphics to worry about.

Thanks in advance.

  Mr Mistoffelees 10:13 21 May 2006

Disable the onboard video, then shutdown and install the new card. The BIOS and then Windows should then auto-detect it and use it.

  citadel 10:18 21 May 2006

I was under the impression onboard graphics are auto disabled when a graphics card was inserted into the slot.

  gazza38 10:21 21 May 2006

disable how?
from the desktop,device manager or in the bios?

thanks for the fast response.

  citadel 10:36 21 May 2006

You can download your motherboard manual to see if there are any instructions. I would install the card and see if windows finds it and starts new hardware found wizard.

  gazza38 10:37 21 May 2006

many thanks.
I will try this now and report back.

  Stuartli 10:42 21 May 2006

You normally have to Disable onboard sound in the Bios although some systems require/may require a jumper to be reconfigured.

Once you have done this and your new card has been installed (Windows will use basic VGA drivers in the meantime), you can install the graphics card drivers (would be a good idea to download the latest drivers first).

  gazza38 11:21 21 May 2006

Many thanks for all the responses.
I installed the new card without disabling anything.Citadel,you are correct,the onboard graphics were automatically disabled,new card auto detected.I istalled the latest 84.21 drivers.
No system ram is now being used for the graphics,everything is A ok.

Again many thanks for the fast responses.

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