installing a new dvd rw drive to make 2 of them!

  athenrye 10:32 19 Aug 2007

i run xp sp2 amd ath 2400 it had a dvd rw and a cd rw....

i bought a new pioneer dvr-112 and replace my cd rw

ive put it in but the computer dosnt recognise it, to start with i had to load in safe mode
i now can load properly but neither of the 2 dvd drives show up
ive swapped them over and tried that bit it dosnt work

i though it would have been really easy, any ideas why it wont work?

  Zaphod 3 10:40 19 Aug 2007

Try this one

click here

  FungusBoggieman 10:56 19 Aug 2007

what configuration do you have on the ide cables
dont put two dvd drives on on cable
mine is set to
ide 1 dvd rw set to slave + hdd set to master
ide 2 dvd rw on cable select
thats the only way they whould run together after an hours booting and swaping

  athenrye 12:23 19 Aug 2007

cheers guys
im still lost a little
ive managed to do the physical install no probs
its the cable bit that seems to be wrong

the top bay dvd rw has three cables going to it
a large 2" one a medium 1" one and small thing 1cm long

the bottom dvd rw has only 2 cable going to it, the large and medium one

both drives are pioneer dvd rw
the set up was fine before with the bottom bay occupying the cd burner drive and the top bay the dvd rw burner

what next, back to my cdc burner
i cant see my d or e drives in my computer and none of them will play dvds

  athenrye 16:19 19 Aug 2007

hi guys got it sorted
i forgot to put one onto slave
bith were set at master!

doh, simple mistake.....
all working well now


  Stuartli 19:09 19 Aug 2007

I've always used two optical drives on the Secondary IDE Channel - rewriter as Master (first in line) and a ROM or CD-RW drive as Slave (at the end of the IDE cable).

I've never used Cable Select as many motherboards don't always recognise it, particularly earlier models.

  LABMAN 23:08 19 Aug 2007

I've my two optical drives on the secondary IDE channel as well Stuartli, the DVD Rom is set as master as thats the one I use for everything except burning and it's inthe top bay, my DVD-RW is set up as slave and I have never had any problems with them.

  Stuartli 23:44 19 Aug 2007

You are very wise to use the ROM drive for all purposes bar burning, as they are more robust reliability and lifespan wise than a rewriter.

It's something I've regularly advised in these forums for those reasons.

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