Installing a new drive- but it wont

  jack 12:26 27 Jan 2008

I was/am minded to replace my existing 'C' drive which is getting on a bit with a new drive.
How shall I do it I thought, see click here
I download the utility and set it going
Made it bootable, swapped the drives, and it did not go.
Oh well that's not surprising
Now what shall I do?
Dig out the XP[full] disk and see what happens.
There is a system already there said XP- repair it?
OK - that did not work not did any other restore/repair trick.
Oh well format and start afresh and then transfer files.
That did not work either
Windows installs loads files gets to 'Reboot in 14 seconds 'and then loops around again saying - there's a system there shall I overwrite it?
and off we ago again.
I have cleared the disk, formatted it DOS wise to clear everything.
XP says will reformat to NTFS and loops around again
It goes no further.
Another symptom is that POST takes for ever, with lots of waits, 'boot from CD' coming up Then reporting fail not withstanding I amended the BIOS
The long POST may be because the new disk is 250GB compared to the old 40GB perhaps may be?
In one of the install attempts I partitioned the disk 1/3 -2/3 to see if that made a difference.
Still no Joy.
So whats the next move chaps

  Pamy 12:48 27 Jan 2008

I would dig out the full XP disk and install the system onto the new drive. remember, if the drive is not the same as the old one you may have to contact Microsoft to validate it.I would then update it, ad hen transfer you data over from your old disk via the XP tranfer wizard.

  pj123 13:10 27 Jan 2008

It is possible that your computer cannot see a 250gb hard drive. Maximum 137gb.

What make of Hard Drives have you got?

If they are Maxtor or Seagate it may be better to use Maxblast 5 to setup a new hard drive.

I use both xxclone and Maxblast 5.

xxclone for my Samsung hard drive and Maxblast for my Maxtor hard drive.

  jack 13:52 27 Jan 2008

That is exactly what I have been trying to do
read the post

XP reports the drive size as 238465 Mb[250Gb with the usual allowances] and I partitioned it to 79488/158976[1/3-2/3]

The drive is
Samsung SP2514N

  Pamy 14:24 27 Jan 2008

Sorry jack, did not read all your post jumped in after "click here" and read aout XXclone.

But I would still do the same again as cannot see any reason why a good clean full XP disk woud not insall on a good new HDD.

  DieSse 14:40 27 Jan 2008

"Made it bootable, swapped the drives, and it did not go."

There may be a clue here. After finishing the process, do not leave the old drive connected - then see if it works. If it does, reconnect the drive on the Secondary IDE channel (in place of the optical drives) and check if the system still works. If it does, you can now reformat the old drive and connect it as a slave.

Secondly, wherever you say "did not go" or "did not work" - that's not very helpful in understanding what's happening - a description of what happens, with any messages would be better, please.

  jack 14:41 27 Jan 2008

SoOk Pamy- frankly I sooner be going for a walk but having started know how it is.

Meanwhile I have downloaded Samsung's Tools- haven't installed;;ed yert coz I've had another whiz bang idea.
This is what is happening at the moment.
I have a IDE/USB cable- sooo
I have dangled the orig drive so that I am now as I was. and the 250 gig driver[partitioned- 77.62/155.25 gb] I have reconnected via the cable so that it comes up as drive E[77bg NTFS] with a Windows Folder
and drive L [Plain] so I am now formatting that as NTFS using disk managment .
Now later I wonder if I copy C to E if it will all go over 'clean' so that when I switch plugs around it will become the NEW 'C'?????

  DieSse 14:41 27 Jan 2008

Reason is, BTW, the old, still active installation, may be being found on the old drive.

  DieSse 14:43 27 Jan 2008

"if I copy C to E"

You can't make a working, bootable, drive by doing a copy. That's why "cloning" programs exist.

  DieSse 14:45 27 Jan 2008

"If it does, reconnect the drive on the Secondary IDE channel (in place of the optical drives) and check if the system still works."

Or, seeing you've got an IDE to USB cable, after cloning put the old drive on that.

  jack 15:11 27 Jan 2008

So having made the clone to the new drive why did it not work?
Why having deleted that file[I thought] did XP install detect it and ask about overwriting saving files etc?
And why having cleared all from the big drive did XP install simply stop at the first reboot and then loop round and around
Currently then this is the situation
Orig drive back on and running [albeit dangling]
New drive still in the bay but connected via the IDE/USB has smaller partition with a windows folder on it and the large partition in process of formatting [NTFS]
Its all fun and games here

When all is done and I eventually get it soerted the old drive will not be cleared it will be safely squirrelled away as is, so that in the event of a calamity in the future - I'll have a system ready to go

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