Installing new cartridges in Canon pixma iP 4200

  Nixie 06:41 16 Apr 2007

My Canon 4200's ink cartridges ran out, I purchased more (I don't think they are Canon, although they look the same), put them in but it still tells me when I am printing that they are running low (exactly the same message as before I replaced them). I have tried re-installing the printer but still the same message comes up.
How to let the printer know that the cartridges are new?
Bear in mind I am a techno-Luddite and will need specific instruction.

  anniesboy 08:31 16 Apr 2007

If they are not Canon original cartridges you will need to remove the chips from the Canon originals and put on your new compatible cartridges.Compatibles usually come with detailed instructions,are you sure there was not a fold ed instruction sheet in the box

  Daiol 17:55 17 Apr 2007

Hi I have a canonip4300 printer and i bought some compatable ink carts and had to remove the chip from the original ones to the compat one and they never worked i was told not to touch the chips with u'r fingers or they will be defective any help to you.daiol

  ArrGee 22:52 17 Apr 2007

I have a Canon iP4200. The cartridges became pretty much empty, so this morning I took them to Cartidge World, had them filled for £25, bought them back home and plugged them in.

The printer software kept informing me that the levels were low. Tried to reinstall the software without major success, then thought 'sod it'. As long as it prints I really don't care what the software is telling me.

Sorry if that sounds a bit brash, but I don't think that what the software tells me doesn't matter an iota compared to the print quality I receive.

If the print starts looking faded, I'll replace/re-fill the cartridges.

  ArrGee 22:54 17 Apr 2007

(excuse the typos and grammar - bought/brought)

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