Installing my documents

  catpwss 18:56 15 Nov 2010

Hi,A mat of mine has had his pc wiped, and windows xp pro installed.Now he wants to know can he reinstall all his documents that he saved on to a usb hdd.Into C:\Documents & Settings\Default user Documents folder?.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:01 15 Nov 2010

Really depends on how he saved them.

insert drive
bring up the files in Mycomputer
Ctrl+a will highlite all files
right click and select send to My documents

  GaT7 19:03 15 Nov 2010

Just copy & paste from the USB drive to the respective folder in Windows.

This is usually in C:\Documents and Settings\[profile username]\My Documents

Or, C:\Documents & Settings\Default User\My Documents folder, if preferred. G

  bremner 19:03 15 Nov 2010

He musy not install them into C:\Documents & Settings\Default user Documents folder?.

He must do so into the My Documents folder of the user he has created.

  catpwss 19:10 15 Nov 2010

Thanks all,Is there a good reason why he cant place them in C:\Documents & Settings\Default user Documents folder.

  bremner 19:10 15 Nov 2010

To explain

The Default User Account is what XP uses to create new accounts. If you put the files in there all future accounts will be created including those files.

  bremner 19:11 15 Nov 2010
  GaT7 19:29 15 Nov 2010

bremner is right, but if he's the only user of the PC (& likely to be), then anywhere goes really.

If he wishes, he can just create a folder on the Desktop called My Documents / My Files / any other, & copy + paste the backed-up files from the USB drive into this folder.

It will also be wise to keep a copy of these files on the USB HDD as a backup, & continue to backup as more data is created. G

  catpwss 20:34 15 Nov 2010

Slight problem here,When we opened my documents folder to paste in the documents etc,In the left top panel should say File and Folder Tasks,But here we have Music Tasks,Whats gone wrong?.
Help please.

  GaT7 21:01 15 Nov 2010

As long as you have the path (or address in Windows Explorer) right it will be OK.

Where are you pasting the backup in terms of the path? G

  catpwss 21:08 15 Nov 2010

I clicked on my documents in the start menu then the folder opens up blank thats fine so I can paste from my usb hdd into this folder,but on the top left where it should say FILE And Folder Tasks.It Says MUSIC TASKS,Thats wrong aint it.Trying to workout whats gone wrong why dont it show as file & folder tasks??.
many thanks.

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