Installing Microsof't's Flight simulator 2002

  bridge+ 08:52 05 Sep 2010

I have a spare computer and installed XP; then installed Microsoft's Flight Simulator 2002 - no problems. But when the aircraft was halfway down the runway my computer shutdown and restarted. Very puzzled I am. Has some kind soul any suggestions. This simulator has worked correctly with XP - a long time ago though.
Many thanks

  octal 09:18 05 Sep 2010

Do you have a decent graphics card in the computer you are trying it in? I know FS does rely on a decent graphics card otherwise you run into all sorts of problems, as I have found out.

  the hick 10:01 05 Sep 2010

bridge+, I think on the box that FS2002 ships in, it has the min. spec.. I have FS2002, Asus mobo. and no graphics card, but not that good. The discs and box is not here, friend has borrowed it, otherwise I could check.

  bridge+ 13:37 05 Sep 2010

Hi Octal and 'the hick,

I had set the graphics card to 1080 x 1024 bacause of my monitor - resetting to an ancient 800 x 600
cured the problem. So many thanks for your help - very much appreciated.


  octal 13:54 05 Sep 2010

Well done, I thought it automatically set the graphics to 800x600 when the program ran? It does on mine, so your setup might be different, anyway, happy flying.

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