Installing ME on old PC (Hard drive wiped)

  Ex plorer 20:47 21 Sep 2005

Hi I have an old PC the hard drive has been wiped so how do I get started with installing a new version of ME.

Switching on the PC it puts up the name and model.

Also diskette drive 0 seek failure error loading Operating system failure.

I tried a straight install and it came to life showd a loading bar and loaded about 80% and then back to the above.


  howard63 20:55 21 Sep 2005

start with a winme floppy and cd support. Copy the winme cd to a folder on the hard drive and run setup from there. In dos you will need to change to the c drive and then md winme [make directory windows ME]then go to your cd drive lets assume d cd win9x [change to directory win9x] and then type setup.

  howard63 20:57 21 Sep 2005

to copy the files in dos type - [copy *.* c:winme] do not type the brackets. Sorry if you are familiar with dos.

  Ex plorer 21:22 21 Sep 2005

Not familiar with dos at all the key board wont type, plenty of beeps and the like.

It puts up dell in blue for five seconds on boot up and then back to the message.

I suppose the drive has been formated if that’s the right word.

  DieSse 21:24 21 Sep 2005

You've either got a bad floppy disk, or a bad/dirty floppy disk drive.

Copy the floppy disk onto a new one, and try again

Replace the floppy drive (you could try a head cleaning diskette, but floppy drives are so cheap, it's hardly worth speding the money on a cleaning kit!)

  Ex plorer 21:26 21 Sep 2005

Where will I get a winme floppy and CD support fro


  DieSse 21:26 21 Sep 2005

Also check in the BIOS that the diskette drive type is set correctly - and reseat the cables to it.

  DieSse 21:28 21 Sep 2005

"Where will I get a winme floppy and CD support fro"

Are you not already using one?

  MAJ 21:29 21 Sep 2005

The WinME CD should be bootable, have you tried booting from the CD yet, or is that what you meant by a "straight install" in your first post?

  Ex plorer 21:31 21 Sep 2005

I have an unregistered ME CD and that’s it

  Ex plorer 21:33 21 Sep 2005

Yes a straight install was booted from switch on

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