Installing MalwareBytes - but what to uninstall

  Batch 17:25 14 Dec 2009

For some time now I've used the following free protections:

SpyBot S&D (with Tea Timer)
Ad-Aware (currently 2008)
Zone Alarm

I've become thoroughly fed-up with Ad-Aware (I did try switching to the latest version but quickly dumped that).

So, having researched, I'm intending to install MalwareBytes (and ditch Ad-Aware).

My question is this - in peoples' experience, is the coverage of Malwarebytes likely to be such that I can reasonably safely ditch Spybot S&D as well (Tea Timer is a resource hog anyhow)?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:28 14 Dec 2009

Asuming Malwre bytes paid for version as you need a realtime scanner
Get rid of Spybot and AdAware they are both Mal / spyware scanners.

You still need Avast as a Virus scanner
and ZoneAlarm as your firewall

Back up your MAlware bytes with Superantispyware and use SpywareBlaster as a blocker and you are well covered.

Or replace the lot with MS essentials

  MAT ALAN 17:30 14 Dec 2009

click here

click here

i did similar quite a while ago spybot and ad-aware became very buggy (for me anyway) so uninstalled and installed the progs in the links.

one is malwarebytes the other superantispyware both superb tools and highly reccommended by most on here

  Ashrich 21:05 14 Dec 2009

From experience removing Malware from clients PC's , Malwarebytes Antimalware can be disabled by the latest Rogue Anti Virus infections , they can stop it being loaded and updated , whereas Superantispyware runs just fine , and in today's instance removed 2311 different " infections " from a clients PC , a record removal for all the PC's I have worked on !!


  Input Overload 21:27 14 Dec 2009

Super anti-Spyware do lifetime licences, I saw the other day they are now asking for donations. The paid for A2 wipes the floor with Super Anti-Spyware. I have it on my PC & it yet has to find anything, A2 has found the odd bit of spyware.

  gel 08:57 15 Dec 2009

I have very recently installed MS Esentials and un installed all the others.
It is early days yet and I would be interested in others comments on MS Esentials

  Batch 09:35 16 Dec 2009

Thanks for the input guys.

I've uninstalled Ad-Aware, turned off Spybot TeaTimer and Resident Protection for the time being (so that Spybot is effectively inactive) and installed MalwareBytes, SuperAntiSpyware and SpywareBlaster.

I have to say I was suprised how smoothly it all went given so much software seems to be problematical one way or another.

WRT SpywareBlaster, it appears that it maintains the Restricted Sites area in IE (via registry entries), as does SpyBot. SpyBot also updates the hosts file, but I believe that SpywareBlaster does not do this. Given the Restricted Sites in IE, is the hosts file really only of value for other Internet activity outside of the browser (and so is it it of that much added value)?

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