installing linux, wiped windows

  tasslehoff burrfoot 22:35 18 Jul 2004


I have just got Fedora core 2 on a cover DVD. Went through the install process, opted to manually partition my drive and went ahead.

When I rebooted, the boot manager gave me the option of Fedora or "other", I selected other and this was the manufacturer's restore partition (for XP).

I had completely lost Windows. I tried to boot up and go into safe mode or DOS but had no option to do this.

I tried the restore facility and this did not work. I had to use the "destructive restore". Which meant that I lost Fedora.

I used my brand new installation of XP to go into diskmgmt.msc and delete my D: drive (which is a 120gb hard drive). I then booted from the fedora DVD and installed it using the automatic partition tool.

Rebooted to only get the option of Fedora or other. Went into other and started the recovery process when the PC asked if I wanted to use Windows system restore, selected yes and the PC booted into windows. Shut down and PC always boots into windows. No dual boot option for fedora.

So, what have I done wrong? This is my first foray into the world of Linux and dual booting so I am positive it is something I have done wrong!



  LastChip 22:49 18 Jul 2004

When you installed Fedora, at a point towards the end of the installation, I suspect you had an option to determine how to boot into Fedora.

What did you choose?

  tasslehoff burrfoot 23:23 18 Jul 2004

I'm not sure I remember getting this option. Do you mean the bootloader screen where you set te default OS to boot from?

If so, The options were fedora or other and I selected other (which turned out to be the restore thing).



  LastChip 23:47 18 Jul 2004

Towards the end of all the Linux installs I have done, there is an option to select how to boot the system.

Basically, on a normal install, it can be done one of three ways.

1. Boot from a floppy disc.

2. Boot from a boot manager, such as Lilo or Grub, which comes with Linux.

3. Use a third party boot manager, such as Boot Magic.

Depending upon which option you use, determines where the boot information is written.

1. Is self explanatory.

2. Writes to the Master Boot Record (MBR) on drive C: and tells it to start Lilo or Grub.

3. Writes to the first sector on the Linux partition, which is then picked up by the boot manager.

It sounds to me, that you may have chosen option two, but failed to tell Linux to install the boot manager, or Fedora failed to pick up your XP installation. (unlikely).

click here for a good tutorial on how to dual boot Windows and Linux.

  gudgulf 23:52 18 Jul 2004

Thanks for the link LastChip

  tasslehoff burrfoot 23:52 18 Jul 2004

Grub loads up with "other" as the default. (other being the restore thing) the only other option id fedora.

I'll take a look at your link.



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