Installing Java VM

  Mysticnas 09:48 28 Feb 2004

Hi all,

Since i reinstalled windows a month ago, i'm having lots of grief installing Java! I've installed it from the Sun site, and it says that everythings installed and i have to restart. I do just that but it's no use.

I keep getting "you need java to view this page" message"

It's so annoying. Add & Remove progs says i have java 2 runtime installed.

  anon1 09:52 28 Feb 2004

is java enabled in IE click here

  Mysticnas 10:01 28 Feb 2004

it is enabled, and has always been.

  Chegs ® 10:05 28 Feb 2004

I got this with IE,I d/l Opera(with java)and installed it.If the message about java appeared,I simply used Opera to view the site instead.I have also noticed that java always gets listed as corrupted in the temp net folders,perhaps this is the cause.

  Mysticnas 10:23 28 Feb 2004


  Taw® 10:53 28 Feb 2004

Just to concur with chegs I also got this with IE and now use slimbrowser when viewing a site that requires java

  Nellie2 10:58 28 Feb 2004

Did you by anychance have MS virtual machine on your system first? If so you will have to uninstall it. click here for instructions.

  Mysticnas 11:05 28 Feb 2004

have JVM installed.

  Nellie2 11:12 28 Feb 2004

Have you been click here to check out some of the help topics?

  anchor 12:54 28 Feb 2004

Personally, I much prefer MS Virtual Machine and find it causes less problems than the Sun version.

These are my suggestions:

First, remove Sun Java.

1: Install Microsoft Virtual machine; this can be downloaded here for all versions of Windows

click here

2. Open Internet Explorer, click on Tools menu on the top bar, select Internet Options, Advanced tab, scroll down to JIT compiler for virtual machine enabled.

Ensure this ticked - If it isn't, click a tick in the box, and then reboot your machine.

3. Firewall:

I have Zone alarm pro, and in the settings, Privacy, Mobile Code, there are 2 boxes referring to Java. If you have Zone Alarm, ensure they are not ticked.

Maybe other Firewall programmes have similar settings. If you have a Firewall, check this.

4. An add-blocker can cause Java to not operate properly. If you have one, try disabling it.

5. You may have your IE security settings too high. Medium should be sufficient.

Note: This site will report if, and what version of Java, is installed.

click here

  Mysticnas 13:03 28 Feb 2004

I tired to install it again from the sun site, but at the end it gave an error saying that it wasn't intalled properly and to install it manually.

So i downloaded it, launched it, uninstalled, and reinstalled it.

Seems to be fine now.

Thanks all!


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