Installing IE7, is there a safe way?

  johnem 17:05 10 Nov 2006

Evening all,
Fresh from the new install of XP Pro and looking for the next challenge, I am thinking of installing IE 7. I have read many of the comments for and against this move....., but would like to know if there is a prefered method of installing which would enable the fall-back to IE 6 if it either does not suit me or does not function properly.
I had thought of creating a restore point prior to install, but seem to recall some people having a problem as the restore point does not always work.
Or am I being over cautious?
Any help wopuld be appreciated.

  anskyber 17:19 10 Nov 2006

If you do install as I have done and do not like it the uninstall will roll it back to IE6.

Two things to think about, it does not like out of date add in toolbars like google or yellow pages. So either go to the sites and update them or uninstall before you do IE7. You can always add them later if you wish.

Are you on BT or NTL broadband if so there is something else to consider but its not serious I promise. IE7 is excellent in my view the tabbed browsing is really useful.

  anskyber 17:20 10 Nov 2006

PS. Disable your anti virus on install, thats install not download, it will prompt you to do so.

  johnem 17:22 10 Nov 2006

Thanks for the speedy reply. i do have the Google toolbar installed at present, so is it best to uninstall this first? My broadband is supplied by UKonline via the LLU facilities over the BT wired system. You have me intrigued now, what are these small concerns yuo mention.

  anskyber 17:27 10 Nov 2006

Right if it was me I would uninstall the toolbar and go and get the latest version if you feel you need it after install. Here's my standard answer to the BT issue, its not an IE7 "problem" its BT not sorting things out when IE7 was in beta as they should. The issue concerns the desktop helper for BT broadband, everything works OK its just on boot up you get an error message which if you close all works well. Here's the answer to it if it happens to you.

BT and some NTL broadband users have experienced error message like "SmartBridge Alerts:-Alert BT Help Notifier.exe (or MotiveSB.exe for NTL) Entry Point Not Found The procedure entry point GetProcessImageFileNameW could not be located in the dynamic link library PSAPI.DLL"

This relates to the BT (or NTL) desktop helper. The simplest way to deal with it is to uninstall it if you do not use it or take it out of your start up list. The program name will be something like Motive Communications or Motive SB.

Alternatively, 1. Navigate to the installation location for SmartBridge via My Computer (\Program Files\Alert BT Help Notifier.exe (or Motive SBexe.)
2. Find PSAPI.DLL and rename it to something like PSAPIOLD.DLL
3. Reboot the system

The program will find the new PSAPI.DLL in the \Windows\System32 directory and function normally.

To disable a start up program click here
Or, if you have Spybot Search and Destroy use their start up control tool.

  anskyber 17:31 10 Nov 2006

I do not think you should have the error problem since you are not I think using the BT Yahoo service. The line is different, I use the line but had no problems at all.

  johnem 17:32 10 Nov 2006

Thanks for the impressive and speedy answer, I will proceed with caution and let you know the outcome.

  johnem 22:27 10 Nov 2006

All installed and in use. Certainly a bit different. Most sites appear to load up slightly more quickly. Think the tabs feature could be usefull, instead of having to start further sessions of IE.
Just one small problem, when trying to access my own website, its seems to be taking an age and at the moment not loading. Could it be something ot do with the way that IE 7 views sites that have links to other websites located on the homepage etc. I have turned off the "phishing feature" temporarily and restarted the browser to no avail. Any ideas?

  woodchip 22:36 10 Nov 2006

The best way is to use a Image Program, So you can restore as is before you loaded it

  anskyber 22:38 10 Nov 2006

These sites require a change to allow IE7 to work. If your is one of them them in time others will have the same problem as the migration to IE7 continues.

MS say"Accessing websites that only work with Internet Explorer 6-- Some websites host pages that are hard coded to read the User Agent string, and only accept the value for Internet Explorer 6. You can temporarily appear to the website that you are using Internet Explorer 6 by using the User Agent Utility. The tool will create an instance of Internet Explorer 7 that emulates Internet Explorer 6. Other instances of Internet Explorer 7 will not be affected."

The utility Agent is click here and needs to be activated each time you need it.

  anskyber 22:43 10 Nov 2006

As a PS. Other than the people who are keen on computers and try other browsers like Firefox the majority, currently more than 80% of people will just use what they are given which is almost exclusively MS and for new machines from now on IE7.

It is therefore very important that webmasters make their sites IE7 compliant, its just a fact of life really.

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