installing graphic card

  cahill01 22:05 14 Sep 2006

Hi can some one plz tell me how to install my graphic card from my old pc tower.

  sean-278262 22:09 14 Sep 2006

Remove card, find drive CD, install in new tower.

However we cannot help more than that really, as you dont say what connection it has, what motherboard it was installed in, what motherboard it is to go in and such forth. if you can give us these things we can help more but with the information you have given we can do very little. Bear in mind that your old tower makes it sound like we have a 10s of 1000s of graphics cards many have different connectors and install procedures so we really cannot help without more information.


  wolfie3000 22:17 14 Sep 2006

Most importantly use an anti static wrist band or something like it so you dont mess the card up when removing and installing.

  cahill01 22:24 14 Sep 2006

Ok the graphic card i removed is V Data MX440 8X-V64. The old motherboard is 867AS-H It was designed for use with AMD Duron/Athlon/Athlon XP 200MHZ/266MHz. And the new motherboard is RZ Series GA-8S661FXM. Not sure if this is enough information.

  cahill01 10:21 15 Sep 2006

Hi is there anyone around today with help for my graphic card problem plz.

  ed-0 11:40 15 Sep 2006

As Creature of the Nite has mentioned.

Undo the screw on the graphics card on the old system. Touch a radiator to earth your self. Ease the card out by the corners.rocking motion, backwards and forwards.

Take to new computer with the installation disk. Slot it into the slot till it is firmly home. Attach screw to hold down. Attach monitor lead. Switch on computer with the installation disk in. Let windows find new hardware and if it wants the files, point windows to the driver disk.

  cahill01 11:51 15 Sep 2006

Thanks ed, i tried this before and the monitor would,nt come on. now i see you say attach monitor lead to the graphics card. Its already attached to some part of pc? Sorry iam a novice to this.

  mad1234 12:05 15 Sep 2006

motherboard may have onboard graphics but if you want to use this graphics card the monitor must be plugged into it

  cahill01 12:18 15 Sep 2006

thanks mad and will the monitor lead remain in graphic card

  cahill01 12:20 15 Sep 2006

oh and the instilation disk ?? what disk are they talking about

  ed-0 12:27 15 Sep 2006

This motherboard does have on-board graphics. So do as mad1234 has mentioned.

When you have attached the card into the AGP slot of the motherboard, securely.

Unscrew the monitor lead from the onboard graphics, it's below the keyboard connector and just above the first row of two usb ports.

Attach this to your graphics card and then start the computer.

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